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  1. Katherine's Collection 2019

    General Halloween
    Just got an email from them about their 2019 collections. It's pics in a 360° tour from a trade show in Atlanta. Looks like there's a new witch table topper this year & just tons of other cool but expensive stuff so start salivating & saving now kids!! Halloween. This year there's Krooked...
  2. Static: Just found a huge, retro Sleepy Hollow sign at TJ Maxx ... how to improve on it?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, So in the spirit of my pumpkin sentinel and funeral hearse I found this perfect sign to go in my yard to drive the effect home. Never seen one like it and it's pretty impressive. Solid, sturdy wood and nice graphics and routering. That said, I want to "relic" it a bit more. How...
  3. 2018 Dead & Breakfast Inn or Haunted Hotel

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi everyone, we are having a party on 10/27 with the Haunted Hotel theme. I have a wonderful sign painted by Kelloweener that says "Dead & Breakfast Inn" so, I will probably use that name. I decorated my living room in haunted hotel two years ago, and plan to expand on that theme. I'll be...
  4. Katherine's Collection 2018 themes

    General Halloween
    It looks like Katherine's Collection will have two new themes this year, one that is more gothic, Dead and Breakfast, and a more traditional theme of Pumpkin Patch. Pictures of the Dead and Breakfast are up at https://www.laraines.com/katherines-halloween.html and Pumpkin Patch at...
  5. Don't forget the 'power' breakfast .. Big day a head, need your energy!

    General Halloween
    Breakfast of Champions right there .. :D
  6. Dead & Breakfast

    General Halloween
    Usually I set scenes up in all my windows plus the front half of my double garage. Because we fell a little behind on the front yard re-landscaping project, my garage is packed with tools so that nixed my plans. I decided to do a Witches Bed and Breakfast scenario, with witches in the window...