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  1. My Monster In A Box

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I found a small crate at work and decided to take a whack at the classic Monster In A Box prop. My version is made to look like an old box that might have been around for many, many years. I used a green light instead of the traditional red just to be different. The monster is an old dollar...
  2. Press break, anyone?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm in need of two pieces of aluminum, 18" x 4". Each needs two bends near one of its long dimension, at 7/16" and 13/16". So, basically a "J". The pieces will be used to rebuild the failing, wooden sides of a silverware drawer in the kitchen whose wood has been whittled away over the years...
  3. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Slenderman Prop Build

    Halloween Props
    Hey Haunters! So I took a much needed break after the season ended but I finally finished my video about my slender man prop. He's motion activated, runs on pneumatics and was a huge hit! He leans forward suddenly and his arms lunge out at you while he plays a sound effect from one of his video...
  4. enlarging photos to fit on large tombstones

    General Halloween
    I know there is software that allows you to specify what size object you want to make and it will break up the photo in to multiple parts so when it is all taped together it is the size you need. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the software or find it when I googled it. Does anyone...
  5. Hauntcon 2018 Dallas Texas

    Who' all is going? My family and I will be there. we always have a blast. It won't be the same without one of the ladies that is usually there. She moved. We haven't decided what to go as yet. I need to break out the totes. If ya'll get the chance to go I would definalty advise it. You wont...
  6. Anything Halloween related in Toronto

    General Halloween
    Going to Toronto this week (cause everyone goes north for spring break). I was wondering if anyone knows a must stop place in Toronto for a Halloween junkie... I might try the Ghost walk and have a few drinks at The Lockhart cocktail bar (kinda harry potter theme), other than that whats up...
  7. Most Ridiculous Halloween Memory

    General Halloween
    My brother came over to help me with final set-up last night and we started reminiscing... He brought up in incident over 30 years ago that, I guess, I had repressed. We had a major line-up down the driveway. I guess some teenaged girls cut in front of some other teenaged girls, and things got...
  8. Static: Broken Gargoyle Wing Help Requested

    Halloween Props
    I bought two Gargoyles last year from Spirit. They were part of the display. They look great but...they are very fragile. They are made of plaster or resin. As I was putting away my stuff from last year one of my helpers bumped into the wing and broke it. I am trying to figure out how to...
  9. 2015 CVS Vampire Skeleton

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone. We were putting this together tonight. After finishing assembling it we put the head on which was a pain getting it to fit in the little slot. Anyhow, after putting the head on we realized that the chain going around the front of the vampires collar was behind the part of the head...
  10. October/Halloween Theme Vacation - Where Would You Go?

    General Halloween
    We haven't been able to take a vacation during the summer, so I was thinking about fall break and what we might do as a family. I have a 7 year old. He is off the first two weeks of October for Fall break. Give me some ideas on where you might head for a fall vacation with some Halloween fun...
  11. Morbid Industries Life-Sized Numbvoid Prop

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This is an AWESOME Halloween prop! He's been stored indoors and is in great condition. Unavailable in stores now, he's perfect for that alien or zombie theme. Oh yeah, and did I mention he's HUGE? He's 35 inches from the top of his bald head to the bottom of his torso. Made by Morbid...
  12. When spring break turns into Halloween.

    General Halloween
    Try as we might, there's just no topping Mother Nature. We took spring break last week down to the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. When Friday and Saturday turned into a rainy wet wash... That's when we headed into the park specifically seeking out atmosphere pics. Guard at the gate...
  13. How time flies

    General Halloween
    This morning I went onto monsterlist.I haven't visited that site in awhile.It got me to thinking since most of the links are to older haunts how far I have came into Halloween prop building and decorating.I started in 2006 found this forum in2007.Monsterlist..halloween-L ..ghostdropping led me...
  14. Darn that Bradford Exchange!

    General Halloween
    http://www.bradfordexchange.com/products/917911_haunted-pumpkin-sculpture-collection.html shiptment two is a 'Witchcraft' theme that looks pretty good. I might have to break down and....
  15. Static: Tombstone Problems! Help!

    Halloween Props
    To keep our tombstones in the ground we use tent pegs but this causes the tombstones (made of styrofoam) to break apart, look awful and make a huge mess in the winds. Any ideas? :D
  16. Pneumatic: Help me find the Pinocchio prop

    Halloween Props
    I am looking for the Pinocchio thrashing zombie pneumatic prop. It was chained up in front of a garage and the legs were set up with pneumatics to make it look like it was trying to walk and break free. Any videos or tutorial s would be great. Thanks
  17. When does the new haunt season start for you?

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone, As for the Nightmare Family, our haunt season ends on Nov.1st, then we take a break through the holiday's to spend some much needed time with our family's and then it's officially the new haunt season Jan.1st, although were not working on haunt stuff during the holiday break at...
  18. Looking for blow mold skulls

    Wanted to Buy
    Greetings all, I am looking for cheap blow mold skulls...In need of 200 plus....Would even buy 500 if that's where the cost break is. This is basically the skull needed. Thanks in advance!
  19. We need a Universal Signal or Safeword for Parents TOTers with Autism

    General Halloween
    I had the most wonderful little boy visit me this year. His dad brought him up to where I was sitting and passing out candy. I don't remember what the dad said, but he handed me the card in the photo and conveyed fact that he could not speak. I gave his son candy and he touched me on the knee...