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  1. Halloween Props
    yikes i had a windstorm and my lower arm bracket that connects the upper arm bracket broke when the arm fell off. i emailed customer service but it says they dont sell replacement parts only damaged parts in shipping. i could drill some holes and zip strip it as i did that on a small old...
  2. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    It's crazy, we know, but yes it's true - hundreds of products each less than $1! It's like the Dollar Menu for parts! Now through Monday, May 27th while supplies last! Not valid with other discounts/promotions. https://www.servocity.com/ Including, but not limited to: Batteries Servo Leads...
  3. General Halloween
    Does anyone have a 3d printer. I have just convinced my better half to buy me one for my Birthday. Cant wait for it to arrive. I'm already designing stuff to make wit it. I'm working on a bracket for a vortex mirror so I can move the vortex around. Should look cool.
  4. For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, I just wanted to do a quick post to show off a new bracket kit we are now carrying. Basically gives you a quick and secure option for mounting a wiper motor along a length of 1 inch PVC pipe. http://www.spiderhillpropworks.com/Wiper-Motor-Bracket-PVC-Mounted-_p_30.html Thanks...
  5. For Sale By Merchants
    Mounting 2.975” wheels to channel or other Actobotic components is now easier with these new wheel mounts. Use wheel bracket A for an inline or straight free-wheel setup; use bracket B for an angled setup or free-wheel caster. Both come with plastic spacers to be used with our 1/4” bore, flanged...
1-5 of 5 Results