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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Heys guys! I want to build a Bubble Boy costume, but not sure how. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I read a post by a member named " punk rock girl," but can't seem to find the post again. Thanks.
  2. General Halloween
    We are done! Thanks sweatshop crew, Mo, Aly and of course Chicken Boy. Enjoy their work!
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    He will not be able to wear a mask to school, and he is not willing to wear makeup. I am out of ideas for him...I am fairly handy, and could DIY something for him, but I need some ideas. TIA for any thoughts!!:D
  4. Halloween Music
    Here are the lyrics to Haunted House: HAUNTED HOUSE Oh no! Here we go! Walking through the haunted house The haunted house, the haunted house What do you see? Boy: I see Skeletons! Skeleton: Good evening, would you like to dance with us? Oh no! Here we go! Walking through the haunted...
  5. Halloween Props
    All , I am trying to make my own version of spirits swinging skeleton boy prop. I have everything but need some ideas on what would make it swing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Trying to save some money this year...
  6. General Halloween
    With his older Brother and another boy. He was fairly scared even though i had all the lights on for most of every step he did take while going through the house. The two older boys had been through the house before. I gave hm his own flashlight when we got to the coffin hallway. In the...
  7. Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I am looking for the Grandinroad Vampire Boy that was posted in 2014. I purchased both of the parents, but now I would like to buy the son. Does anyone have one they are looking to sell? Thanks in advance!
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I am looking for the Grandinroad Vampire Boy that was posted in 2014. I purchased both of the parents, but now I would like to buy the son. Does anyone have one they are looking to sell? Thanks in advance!
  9. Halloween Music
    THIS SHARE IS TAKEN FROM A BUNCH OF YOUTUBE AUDIO CONVERSIONS SO THE SOUND ISN'T THE BEST. I WASN'T ABLE TO GET TO MY SOUND FILE. DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/tfs1h1ngmxwsxe5z2gwrkuhl16fx2brp Tracklist A1 At The Munsterswith Vocals A2 Herman Says, "Hello" A3 It Takes All Kinds...
  10. General Halloween
    I need to find out when the free garbage day....boy scout pick up day.....or whatever they call it is........SO MANY GREAT ITEMS that people throw out that can be used for Halloween! Does anyone else go and look when they have these or am I just CRAZY?
  11. General Halloween
    I'm thankful the rain held off here until late Saturday night .. But it's poured here since. I can't take my decorations down until it's stopped and everything has had a chance to dry out totally! Anyone else in this situation? Boy, if it get's much later I might swap out to Indian feather and...
  12. General Halloween
    It's a boy! :rolleyes:
  13. General Halloween
    Mine does! Any animated prop freaks the living daylights out of my big brave border collie lab! He did not like the shrieking Target cat I brought home last week at. all. He eventually gets used to the decorations that stay out but boy, do the lights motion and sounds freak him out at first...
  14. General Halloween
    I heard "Voices" right outside my front door. 8:00AM Saturday. I could see a white SUV full of people all gawking at my house,which is almost covered in vines and has numerous decorations on it,such as parts of old cars crashing into it,coming out of the house too. A huge steel skull with a a...
  15. Paranormal and the Unexplained
    An odd man who is a non-stop" jabberer",so much so that he alienates people within a very few minutes, was the only person today on a lonely street I had to walk down. I "indulged him" being his willing audience as he told me his troubles,problems and bad things and painful situations he has...
  16. Member Introduction
    Finally signed up after seeing this site many times over last couple of years. I have always been a lover of Halloween, its just some kind of magical feeling of excitement I get as the season grows closer. My ex husband was never a real big fan of it so I was hindered for many years. Now I have...
  17. General Halloween
    A Father and Son were returning from a Rubic's cube competition, they decided to check us out here at Ravens Grin Inn. We saw the boy re-set a Rubic's cube in15 seconds, twisting that thing So quickly you saw a blur of colors. His best time so far is 12 seconds! The Father is a...
  18. Paranormal and the Unexplained
    To be the best, most believable witness to a haunting? I think someone who has never thought that they had ever had a supernatural experience and was not aware of the history of a location or place, yet then has an "Experience". There would be your best witness. My Brother told me today that...
  19. Halloween Costume Ideas
    My son went as Diego from the Nickelodeon show "Go Diego Go" last year. I thought other moms might want to know how to pull this costume together easily and inexpensively. Check out photos and my how-to here: Easy Homemade Halloween Costume: Go Diego Go - Associated Content -...