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  1. two cool fortune tellar booths on craigslist for free

    General Halloween
    Found these two cool furniture pieces just begging to be turned into a fortune tellar booth or carnival booth for any members in my area..I can't use them in my haunt..hopefully someone can. http://providence.craigslist.org/zip/4759324469.html
  2. Prop Showcase: complete kissing booth and a People pot pie!

    Halloween Props
    Finished the kissing booth ( minus a few pumpkins) and I made a creepy people pot pie for dinner (not really edible, latex and foam lol)
  3. Static: Carnevil Ticket Booth

    Halloween Props
    This year's Halloween party is the over done Carnevil theme. We will be repurposing the ticket booth I made for my 1 year olds first birthday circus party. Attached are photos of the start of my makeover and my ode to Keith Corcoran. The tickets sign still needs mounting and is big enough to...
  4. Static: Some more pirates

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to get a few of my props together for the display I'm doing at work. Here's a few ideas I'm thinking about. I also did a little but more to the ticket booth today. Looking to scare it up a little bit.
  5. Static: Fortune teller

    Halloween Props
    Got my fortune teller and booth mostly together. I still need to add a few touches, I am going to put a roof on the booth, and a shelf. I will use black fabric for curtains in the back and sides. Here she is in the booth And here she is with the green fire and ice light I am planning to use...
  6. Static: Night Circus Ticket Booth

    Halloween Props
    Happy Halloween Build Season! We are building for a Night Circus theme area this year and just finished our first prop of the season. Up next is a life size Jack in The Box and a Kissing Booth.
  7. Other: Haunted Booth Help

    Halloween Props
    Im trying to create a booth for selling pumpkins. I wont be selling them in the booth but I will be taking payments there on their way in, so I need room for one seat and a shelf to put my drink and money on or whatever. I was wondering if you boils n ghouls had any ideas for a booth? I was...