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  1. Other: Making cool, gory, realistic severed body props.

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, I thought I would share some of the props that I've made with you and how I made them. Here are some pictures. It's not all too expensive to make these either. Here's a list of things that you'll need. -Old clothes (pants, long sleeve shirt, pair of old shoes) -Cardboard...
  2. Static: Best place to order from???

    Halloween Props
    Looking to order body part props...what is the fastest ship and best place to order online ???? Looking for body parts and animatronics.
  3. How to make cheap decayed hands from dollar store. (With Photos)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Okay to start off with . This will be what your working from and what your going to end up with if done right, _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I start of cleaning the hand with just soap and...
  4. Static: If you are challenged when making hands...

    Halloween Props
    I've never been good at sculpting or creating realistic or even useable hands. I'm making a Gravedigger this year and after many frustrating attempts of making hands (I'm also a perfectionist so that's part of the problem) I went online to find hands. That's when I came across Ghost Ride, Inc...
  5. conventions, what are you looking for?

    General Halloween
    Last year I went to Haunt Con in Dallas and was disappointed by the lack of fun impulse buys and props. I wanted halloween car clings, jewelry, cool props! I saw hardly any of that. This year I am running a booth at Haunt Con in Houston! What are you looking to buy at Halloween conventions...
  6. Has anyone used expanding foam to make body parts and if so, is it weatherproof?

    Halloween Props
    I was just wondering if anyone has used expanding foam to make body parts? I have never messed with it and was wondering if it would be weatherproof enough to hold up for this season? Any help would be greatly appreciated.