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  1. Kinda sad

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I just saw a story on Yahoo https://www.yahoo.com/news/cemetery-bones-tossed-trash-families-034139172.html about a cemetery that was left in disarray. It's so sad but I know it's happening more and more. Frog and I hunt out cemeteries on our travels and those in the card exchanges get a chance...
  2. Static: My Overly-Ambitious Prop Idea for 2018

    Halloween Props
    This is going to make far more sense to you folks who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and visited Kennywood Park. :) At Kennywood, they have an attraction called Noah's Ark, which is entered through a whale's mouth as seen below. The red tongue of the whale is a type of soft/spongy material that...
  3. Static: Corpsed guts and WELL used scythe

    Halloween Props
    Help w/ decomposing guts and WELL used scythe This is all part of a larger project, my demon. You can find step by step and updates for everything HERE. I just need to find a solution for Number 2 now. Thanks for the help! I have run into a roadblock building my demon and was wondering if...
  4. Static: Fill and Shape for Figure Bodies

    Halloween Props
    I've got a couple new figures this year, created with capes/ clothes over PVC piping. I'm wondering what other people use to give standing prop bodies fill and shape? What's easy to work with and adjust, yet will hold up even if the night is windy or rainy? Thanks!
  5. Static: Zombie heads

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking to place some zombie bodies around this year and wanted to know the cheapest way to make some decent heads for the bodies. It seems that masks stuffed with newspaper or something might be the most economical, but most zombie masks are $30. Any thoughts?