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  1. Static: Blucky Stands--Cheap and Easy

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure someone else has thought of this but in case it hasn't been mentioned for awhile I thought I'd throw it out here. :D Several years ago I needed a fast and cheap way to have my Blucky's stand or be posed in my yard display but I didn't want to go take a lot of time or spend a pile of...
  2. Static: Oil Clay Sculpture

    Halloween Props
    So I was playing around with some clay and ended up sculpting an entire head on a blucky skull that I had covered in paper mache. I like it so much that I want to keep it. So I need some advice from the group. How do I make it permanent? I was considering painting several coats of drylock since...
  3. Electronic/Software: Looking for Blucky

    Halloween Props
    Still looking for Blucky anybody seen him yet, I need him for my prop. :(
  4. Static: Does anyone know where i can get a blucky??

    Halloween Props
    I need a blucky for this year but i can't find any, does someone know where i can get one??
  5. Other: You did WHAT with your Blucky????

    Halloween Props
    We all know that the Blucky skeleton lacks a bit in the area of authentic appearance. I'd like to see a before/after picture of what you have done to personalize your Blucky.
  6. Animated Spider Victim: Tutorial

    Another one of my older tutorials. Brushed off the dust and shined it up a bit. If you want to see it in action and have me explain how it works, please see this video: The genesis and heart of this 5' tall spider victim is from a 'Hanging Man Zombie' prop made by Gemmy and was sold at...
  7. Animatronic Zombie Butler Build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Zombie Butler Build[/CENTER] Most of the materials I already had. I have tried my best to find out the prices for you. Anything with a * is what I bought just for this build Material * 1 Blucky Skeleton: $11 - $20 Dollars - Depends on where you find them * 1 Derby / Bowler Hat: - $6.99 on...
  8. Posing a Blucky

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I've been working on an alternate way to pose my bluckies that was easy to change and wasn't obvious when displayed without clothes. I decided to use the heavy wire used with chain link fence. It's fairly stiff but can still be adjusted and isn't hard to work with. I started out by...
  9. Static: groundbreaking blucky done

    Halloween Props
    another one down ............Im looking to set up on sunday so Im getting a little stressed.......but Im just gonna keep chipping away ....one more done ....My latest blucky ground breaker ..I figured he deseved a movie with cool music ...........I tried alot of different paint jobs with him and...
  10. Static: Ground Breaking Corpse From Blucky

    Halloween Props
    this was one of my first corpsing jobs ....It came out ok but I would have done some things different ............but it looks good in the yard...this was the first one I used Stain on ( natural oak Minwax ) and I was amazed it still looks wet. Kinda like the guy from the barrel in Return of...
  11. Static: Fixing a Blucky

    Halloween Props
    Over the years I've purchased a couple of bluckies. You know those cheap plastic hollow skeletons you get from Walmart. Yeah, that's the one. Anyhoo as I take them in and out of storage those stupid nubs that connect their joints together start to wear and snap off. I'm interested in copsing...