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  1. Halloween Props
    Anyone have this bleeding fountain head from spirit/Spencer’s? Looking for a replacement light bulb, this is the blown bulb Thanks! Cory
  2. Member Introduction
    Howdy All! Am new to celebrating Halloween, but decided to host a Halloween BBQ this year for something different and have discovered I am a lot more into Halloween then I realised :D Am finding the ideas on this forum above amazing already and I am totally blown away by the creativity and mad...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hey everyone excited to finally be hooked up. First want to say thanks to all who have inspired my Halloween fixation and dyi use for it. Been enjoying full blown holiday last 10years with props and costumes.
  4. Halloween Props
    Hello Friends, At my haunt, you exit the building to one final enclosed outdoor scene - the last scare is me with my gas chainsaw (yes, chain removed). I have ended my haunt this way for four years. Three out of those four years, I have blown out the pisons on the chainsaw and had to replace...
1-4 of 4 Results