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  1. Researching Vintage Halloween Blow-Molds

    General Halloween
    Hi all! New member here so I apologize if this is in the wrong location.... I have a collection of 25-30 vintage blowmolds from the late 60s up through the mid-90s but I know next to nothing about them. I've heard of a few of the various companies that made these - Empire, Union, TPI...
  2. Prop Showcase: Family Friendly Halloween Attraction For Sale

    Halloween Props
    I have an entire Halloween attraction with 30 scenes, 10 inflatables, over 100 hand-carved pumpkins, about 150 hand-painted blow molds, lights, extensions cords, etc. that I want to sell. Where do you recommend that I should post it? Do you think I can sell it as one unit or would it be better...
  3. Blow mold vintage help needed

    General Halloween
    I just bought a blow mold that I have been looking for for a few years, very happy I found it! Does anyone know where to get a cord online for it or what type to look for? It comes cordless:
  4. Static: How can I start collecting blow molds?

    Halloween Props
    Blow molds I have wanted to collect them for years, but blow molds are hard to find around here. Hopkinsville Kentucky. Last year, I was driving down the road when I spotted one in a garbage can. I told my daughter in law I'm going to pull in the drive, you jump out and grab it out of the...