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  1. Unusual Handouts

    General Halloween
    So, candy is the obvious favorite for handing out at Halloween, but I know of an online magic shop with decent prices on all those cheesy gags and jokes from when I was little. Thus, along with candy, we also give out crap like trick squirt lighters; Chinese finger traps; the trusty...
  2. Other: UV water dyes

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone tried UV dyes in water fountains to make the water glow? If so, is it worth while? If not UV dyes, what other items get the best bloody results? My asylum doctor is going to have a sink nearby that will be pumping water. (might have gone over board with the 1/2HP pump - it was...
  3. Halloween (+ glow in the dark!) nails!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, I sell 100% nail polish strips (no heat, tools, or dry time needed!) that last up to 2 weeks, and just released a Halloween collection that includes two glow in the dark sets! All are buy 3 get 1 free. You can shop here: http://bit.ly/pluckypolishhalloween Bloody Gorgeous...
  4. Halloween Tree Toppers: ideas please??

    General Halloween
    Hello one and all. For those of you who have black trees and those of you who are just plain creative,,,,,,,,, please share your ideas for a great tree topper for my Halloween Tree. I just put it up and will start the days long task of stringing up the lights and hanging the ornaments. I have a...
  5. Oculus Short Film

    Horror Discussion
    Before the horror movie Oculus was made there was a short film that was made in ((2006)) I felt like sharing it with anyone who was interested in watching it. I'm a fan of Oculus and it creeped me out. Mirrors have always creeped me out, especially ones that look like that. Haha! I remember...
  6. Menards 2016

    General Halloween
    Stopped into Menards here in B/N and they're starting. Some cool new props & inflatables, the usual lights & decorations (though I didn't see any Fire & Ice style lights* (they might not have been put out yet either)), as well a few blowmolds. Ours is carrying limited Spooky Town; they only had...
  7. Static: Creepy Angel Wall Art-Suggestions?

    Halloween Props
    So my sis in law got me this on the side of the road. About 4 feet wide and tall. Not real heavy, made of some fiberglass of some sort. Wondering what to do with it and incorporate into the vintage circus theme Im doing. She loved it and thought it was so creepy for me to transform it....Im not...
  8. Other: male torso mannequin with magnetic arms

    Halloween Props
    I got a few of these the other day. Has anyone ever messed with them before? I am trying to get a few ideas of what to do with them. Gross and bloody sounds good to me. If you have links or pics it would help out a lot. Thank ahead of time.:)
  9. Halloween Haunted House: A Continuous Mix for the Ultimate Fright Night of Horror (De

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/ppuljy88imwq4sep78q9iqcon7duqcap Halloween Haunted House (Continuous Mixed Terror Version) Halloween FX Productions 1:03:45 2 Halloween Nightmare Halloween FX Productions 2:14 3 Halloween Haunted House Halloween FX Productions 5:20 4 Welcome to the...
  10. Prop Showcase: My Yard Haunt Sign - Bloody Marys Cemetery!

    Halloween Props
    Here is my Bloody Mary's Cemetery Haunt sign. It turned out to be be very long. But I loved working on it. I had a bifold glass closet door that we weren't using. So I smashed that up to give the broken glass effect. Like she is trying to get out. It will be placed quite high in front of my...
  11. Spirit Bloody Bag of Jokes

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm hoping someone has one of these that they'd be willing to part with.
  12. Prop Showcase: Bloody Baby Bed

    Halloween Props
    Here is a bloody baby bed we created for our Haunted Nursery this year. Created the blood with clear Elmers glue and food coloring. You can check more info on my post at our blog www.wolfmooncemetery.blogspot.com
  13. Garage Door Blood Help!

    Halloween Props
    We are doing a zombie themed driveway haunt this year, and in addition to a hoard of zombies I want to put smear some fake blood and put bloody hand prints all over the garage doors. What can I use for blood that will easily wash off of white garage doors??
  14. Wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    Bloody bag of jokes
  15. Bloody Jack and Muffet

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    In need of a picture of a Bloody Jack Horner and Miss Muffet. Any help greatly appreciated!!
  16. Static: Bloody Scalp

    Halloween Props
    So I was inspired to make this bloody scalp prop but now I'm not sure what to do with it. lol I don't usually use gory props :p oh well, here it is: the hair is real human hair :o (I made it out of parts of a cosmetology head) I'm not sure why the blood looks so orangey in the pics, it is...
  17. ideas needed for Edible "ketchup blood" and other stuff

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So.. im doing a very bloody halloween party this year ( I havent named the party yet, but it will be inspired by serial killers, and tv shows like dexter and Criminal minds. The party room will be kill room style and i have some great ideas for sick and twisted decorations ;) I always try to...
  18. carnEVIL 2015 invitations so far!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This idea was taken from the Brooklyn Limestone blog but when I saw them I HAD to try and recreate them! This is the sideshow portion of the invitation, the main information is on a bloody carnival ticket!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'll soon be posting these props on Ebay and or Craigslist.Thought I'd offer them up here first if anyone is interested.I would prefer pickup in the Western NY area....but if you want to pay shipping,I'll certainly consider it.I'll have pics up in a couple of days...but if you want to see pics...
  20. WTB- Bloody Bag Of jokes Clown

    Wanted to Buy
    looking for a Bloody Bag of jokes clown that spirit put out 2 years ago...