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  1. General Halloween
    I Just had to have one Halloween/Blood Moon shot. My house faces east so I was shooting from behind my display so I turned by flame pumpkin around to got this shot. Anyone else get any cool Blood Moon photos?
  2. General Halloween
    So now that we are officially into Fall, it's hard not to look up and notice the moon. Unfortunately for us here, it was cloudy and we missed out on seeing the Harvest Blood Moon, and now won't be back until 2033 I believe. Darn. I did get this photo of the moon tonight and thought it looked...
  3. Halloween Props
    What is the best method for making blood Spattered walls? Do you use Red paint or a different mixture of something?
  4. Halloween Props
    So I was inspired to make this bloody scalp prop but now I'm not sure what to do with it. lol I don't usually use gory props :p oh well, here it is: the hair is real human hair :o (I made it out of parts of a cosmetology head) I'm not sure why the blood looks so orangey in the pics, it is...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hello! So yesterday, I made a trip to Ikea, and I found this big mirror for only ten dollars. I'm wanting to crack it up a little bit and then cover it with fake blood. Problem is, I've never cracked a mirror. How would you go about doing that without completely shattering it?
  6. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So.. im doing a very bloody halloween party this year ( I havent named the party yet, but it will be inspired by serial killers, and tv shows like dexter and Criminal minds. The party room will be kill room style and i have some great ideas for sick and twisted decorations ;) I always try to...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hey Ghouls and Ghoulettes, I need your help. I've been looking for a realistic blood paint for a long time now. I found perma blood and cfx blood but the shipping for it is always nuts as I'm based in Ireland. I've used costume shop fake blood on props but it's not paint. Is there a way of...
  8. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    A slightly different recipe from most I've found online. Disclaimer: it doesn't stain me, but that doesn't mean it won't stain anything ever! Test first. Also test for allergic reaction, just in case - remember, this is the internet. Ingredients: 1 16oz bottle corn syrup 1/2 - 1 .88 oz packet...
  9. Halloween Crafts
    Whst is good to make fake blood for fabrics?
  10. Makeup
    Working on a micro budget short horror movie and need a recipe, or source, for non staining blood. Scenes will have blood splatter on table, wall, and photo, as well as on actors. Would like something that will not stain skin, clothes, or location. Blood does not have to last long, but must...
  11. General Halloween
    These videos are pretty good, They remind me a lot of the scary stories to tell in the dark books. The first video that got me hooked was :The Suckablood". These videos are kind of like... Goosebumps... but with gore and some adult themes. Check them out, the stories are all quite different!
  12. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey Guys, We just developed a theatrical blood that you can thicken and thin multiple times as well as change the color on.. all in one kit! It wets out over silicone and washes out of most fabrics and skin and is cheaper than most pro bloods on the market...
  13. Halloween Props
    Okay, I'm new here, but any help would be so greatly appreciated :-) I'm making an 8X10-inch paper that will have simply a few words written in (fake) blood. I'm going to mail it to a friend, and it'll then be put into a picture frame and hung up by the friend I give it to. I'm not a...
  14. Halloween Props
    Hello all, I dropped and broke my daughters Halloween blood bath salt jar. I would love to replace it. It was from the 2013 maxx/marshalls halloween line. here is a pic. If anyone has any leads or wants to sell one please send an email to me. I know it's a long shot ;) Thanks, Scott
  15. Halloween Props
    I picked up 3 sets of clearance Gemmy LED blood dripping light strands recently. Wasn't excited about them and don't really feel like they look like dripping blood at all since it's not a continuous moving light pattern but skips. The price was right though so I thought maybe there's a better...
  16. Halloween Props
    So i started to paint my expanding foam guts and paint and fake blood just disappear:eek: what im adoing wrong? I have acrylic paint and fake blood from store, please help :confused:
  17. General Halloween
    I'm looking for anyone who has a copy of blood walls dvd as looking for it to complete my operating theatre in my asylum for Halloween Please help Thanks
  18. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I have a dark blue almost black dickies button up work shirt that needs blood splatter. Last year I made my own blood an to thicken it up/make it show I used glue. It worked but it makes the shirt extremely stiff. Any ideas/suggestions on how to make blood show up on dark material?
  19. Halloween Costume Ideas
    What acrylic paint shades( I plan to grab several shades from Michael's) would be good for a darker dried blood look on clothing? Brick? Wine? I can pick a bright red easy, but this year I'm wanting my dress to have the look of Old blood stains , long dried. Maybe a rust colour? My last paint...
  20. Halloween Props
    I know I’m cutting it close but I really have not had the time this year. I had an idea for a 3 day max (hopefully) build of a static figure body who's holding a butcher knife in one hand (ala Michael Myers) and is standing in front of a BBQ with his freshly severed head on a spatula over the...