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  1. Boo!

    Member Introduction
    Hope I didn't scare ya, but I'm sure you are all used to it by now :P I'm Bill, from middle TN (originally from Chicago). I own a haunt going on its second year, Malice Haunted Attraction...but have worked and managed haunts since i was about 10. I also am the front man for Evil Olive...
  2. Halloween/Fall Themed Blogs

    General Halloween
    I used to follow lots of seasonal blogs, particularly those with Halloween as a central theme. Not surprisingly, many of them have either disappeared or are inactive, so I'm looking for more to get my fix with. If you know of or author a Halloween site, post so I can visit. Thanks Haunters, Bug
  3. Anyone blog?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I have blogged for years. I was on Xanga from 2005 to 2013 and have been regularly using Wordpress since 2013. Does anyone else here blog? Maybe we can follow each others blogs.
  4. Music file hosting sites

    Halloween Music
    Does anyone know where one could replace sites like MegaUpload for music hosting? I have a few music blogs and I can not keep files active. And before you bother posting, yes I know it is contoversial, but I like to do it anyway because most of what I share is not available anywhere else.
  5. Obscure Halloween Music Blogs - help please!

    Halloween Music
    Does anyone here have files to share from halloween music blogs where the links no longer work?? Examples include the tracks Scary Sounds Screwed Up & Stacked Up By Prof. Grewbeard from his Magic Carpet Burn Blog...
  6. Blogging and Forums

    Hello, I'm not sure how to get this going, but if anybody can I'd love some help, tips, and pointers on how to start and what to do for Blogs and using Forums. I've looked through gaming ones before but after so long i still don't know how to use or create them. I really only know the "Bump"...
  7. Hi, idk any of you , still, you're awsome :)

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone. I don't know if anyone who's reading this has seen my very first thread. This thread is gonna be different then the other one, that thread was just my intro. The purpose for this thread is more for advice. Since I'm brand new to the forum, I'm aware that my freedoms are slightly...