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  1. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Transworld preview, The Blob, Off-season haunts, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 178 – ROAD TO TRANSWORLD Episode 178 February….a short, cold month, but thats ok, because it means Transworld is just around the corner. Our Roundtable of Terror is all about Transworld Vendors, as we have Creepy Collection, the wiley veteran, and first time vendors...
  2. Shout out on Svengoolie!

    General Halloween
    I'm a vendor at Blobfest held in Phoenixville, PA, where much of the movie "The Blob" was filmed. One of the things I sell is "Blob Soap" , 4 oz. bars of soap that I sculpted and pour as a red transparent glycerine soap, complete with one of the victim's skulls inside. A couple of weeks before...
  3. Static: My river exploded! Need water help ASAP!

    Halloween Props
    Our yard haunt has a bridge over a haunted river. We made the river from a water blob (plastic sheeting melted together to form a pillow. Fill with water. Voila) Problem is, my water blob rolled over on itself, broke the fence and rolled down the street! I chased it down and it burst in half...
  4. Blob Treats

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I know I'm only fifteen going on sixteen, but I've dabbled in cooking and I made up my first recipe just yesterday! I made them as a surprise for my mom and sister while they were gone and they loved them, so I thought I'd post it here! Ingredients- Caramel sauce (preferably homemade, but you...