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  1. Halloween Props
    This year Im adding a projector in the garage to display the bone chillers video fx. My projector displays from top to bottom very well but is short on the sides. I added a photo so you can see about how much its short by. I need some ideas on what I can put on the sides to cover up the blank...
  2. Halloween Props
    Background In November 2016 I bought a used NEC MT 1060 projector (2,600 lumens, Native Resolution 1024 × 768 XGA, Aspect Ratio 4:3) on eBay for £70 and it is the first projector that I’ve used. I had intended to use it for projecting onto a window for Halloween 2017 I but didn’t use it until...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    I’m selking a limited run of my Popular HM Caretaker head. This will be a blank resin foam filled head that YOU are responsible for painting and hairing. Sale is only for a blank head. Meaning NO Hair, NO paint job , NO Hat! Just a blank head. I will not be offering this next year and this is...
  4. Halloween Props
    I have an abundance of shepherds hooks, double an single that stand from 6 to 8 feet tall. is there anything creepy I can do with them? I am drawing a blank on what to do. I will eventually sell the bulk of them this summer if I can't figure out what to do with them.
  5. Halloween Props
    I just completed building a 20 foot hallway that is 3 feet wide, my effect will be a high velocity fan built into the wall at the end..ALOT of wind!! and Green pin nano lights ( small LED lights) I will be adding 96inch foam boards to the walls.. This is where I need your help.. I want to carve...
  6. General Halloween
    Help I need to figure out a name for what used to be my chop shop that is being turned into a concession stand. I am drawing a complete blank, and it needs to sound either sick or creepy. Any help is greatly appreciated. :o
  7. General Halloween
    I hate to ask another question already, but I'm doing some online Halloween shopping that I'd like to finish today. I've bought the Scene Setter "add-ons" before, but never a background roll. I notice that the two background rolls that I'm looking at, are much shorter than the height of my...
  8. Halloween Props
    Need ideas for naming my zombie research facility? I am drawing a blank. Any creative ideas from the wicked minds here?
1-8 of 8 Results