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  1. Lighting: Are there any solar powered black lights?

    Halloween Props
    Are there any solar powered black lights?
  2. Flipside, parody, nerdy costume ideas...

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    What are some nerdy, flipside and parody costume ideas you can think of? Here are a few off the top of my head. Big Red Riding Hood: brother to the other character, wears a red hoodie and is carrying a cooler full of beer to grandpa's house. Easily distracted by local vixens. Nerdy Milkman...
  3. Other: help with melting black plastic

    Halloween Props
    I am trying to make coffins out of cardboard boxes and want to melt black plastic to them. Has anyone done this? If so can I use any plastic,how can I get it to stick? Is it worth my time? Help please so many projects..so little time..
  4. Black Raven Hollow is now open!

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    Hey everybody, I posted here a few months ago to say I was considering opening an Etsy shop with handmade Halloween paper goods and decor. Well I'm pleased to say I have decided to launch for the 2014 season! I still have a lot of product to add, but wanted to start getting the word out now...
  5. Static: Black Fabric

    Halloween Props
    Where can I find this fabric? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE0HhbZddrs I'm not a seamstress and I have no clue to what this type of fabric is even called. Do they carry this stuff at Halloween USA or Sprit? Is it just torn black fabric with black cheesecloth?
  6. Building Columns and urns for the graveyard

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi everyone...This is my tutorial on making Graveyard Columns from scratch...Then painting, and Decorating our 3 dollar urns with paint aging and fake flowers. Items you will need: 1 2" thick piece of styrofoam. 4'X4' would work .I used insulfoam R-TECH I got at lowes Serrated...
  7. Invite wording help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our theme this year is Black & White. I hope all will dress in black & white costumes. We ask everyone to bring a food item to share & a flashlight. Any help on wording would be Great!!
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Rear projection- El cheapo style

    Halloween Props
    Tonight I tested what I thought was good material for rear (or front) projection- plastic table cloths. Now you can buy this at any party store or walmart/target/etc. and maybe even in the $0.99 stores. As such, I got these at walmart: $0.97 for the black, and $1.47 for the white 3pack (they ran...
  9. Static: Fist new prop of the year

    Halloween Props
    Having a small competition at work for Halloween - so my office is doing a "witch's kitchen". Some pets for her. Found a stake flower pot stand at a thrift store. Took out the flower pot, made it the base. Some black spray paint, Spanish moss and a couple of Dollar store crows. I think it's a...
  10. Halloween Paintings

    For Sale By Merchants
    Check out this painting! Black Cat Eyes ACEO Original Painting by Michaeline - eBay (item 300355525690 end time Oct-15-09 18:05:56 PDT)
  11. Wholesale Halloween & Cat Products

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    Wholesale prices that you can't beat! Incredible artwork! Use the following coupon code for a 25% discount for the entire store: 25PCTOFF Wise Tails, LLC, Fine Art & Gifts Some samples: And many more.
  12. Wise Tails Halloween ACEO Cards - A MUST SEE!

    For Sale By Merchants
    These are really cute. Halloween Black Cat ACEO Original Painting by Michaelin - eBay (item 300354485615 end time Oct-12-09 16:55:16 PDT)