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  1. Spiffing up bedraggled fake crows/birds

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! I have a collection of black birds... some small and some large. I've had them for years, and they are showing their age. Is there a way to spiff up the birds? I don't want to ruin their feathers, but they don't look very real with their feathers going every which way. I was thinking of...
  2. Halloween Train!!

    Halloween Props
    Of course its not outside yet. Just testing the balance of the cars with the little pumpkin figures the wife bought. I wanted to sound the horns and engine noises for you guys but the phone also controls the trains so I couldn't do both. And I had to wait for everyone to be out of the...
  3. Drooping birds

    Halloween Props
    I had a bad feeling last night about how well the birds would secure upright on the wire I plan to run. So today I tried it. And the birds fall forward or backward. Can't get them to perch upright. They don't look very menacing. More like I'm poking fun at the whole thing. Which is not what I'm...
  4. A graveyard......should I or shouldn't I?

    General Halloween
    I'm doing a Hitchcock Halloween this year. I think it will be really cool but there are some challenges (besides collecting over 100 birds!) Hitchcock's genius was in psychological suspense. No problem with haunting up The Birds and Psycho. I have plans for Spellbound, Rear Window, Vertigo...