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  1. Static: PROPS - Whatcha working on today?

    Halloween Props
    My TENTH annual Halloween party is a biohazard, toxic waste, zombie apocalypse theme this year. :) Biohazard barrels are for my drink station. I finished painting and blood splattering FIVE!!! I just need to add the waste dripping down the sides and paint when dry. $10 trash can 2 cans grey...
  2. Static: Biohazard Prop

    Halloween Props
    Picked up a few plastic containers, Great Stuff foam, spray paint and a cheap dollar store skull for a quick biohazard prop. The large container fits a small fog machine inside. Holes drilled into the top and between the two containers lets fog ooze all over the place. Horrid phone pics, but...
  3. Other: Toxic Waste anyone?

    Halloween Props
    Ok, I've had the idea of making a waste spill for some time but until this year I haven't had the fogger. So I'm now starting my toxic spill. The photos were taken this morning after I spent 2 hours in the forum. I'm feeling really inspired but really broke so I will keep you all posted with...
  4. Biohazard Haunt Help

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, this year i am doing a biohazard haunt and have a few empty spots in the maze. I was wondering if u guys had any general scare ideas for me to add in. I have a watchtower in the front that they have to walk under with a spot light and siren, a maze area with chainlink fence and...
  5. Other hazchem labels

    Halloween Crafts
    A few images that I have collected from various resources can be found in my album : Halloween Forum - Herman Secret's Album: labels sample image Hope these are of some use :D
  6. Static: Biohazard sign

    Halloween Props
    I made this Biohazard sign for a 50 gallon drum that I am using in my haunt. Help yourself if you can use it in yours. www.discountvoiceovers.com/Props/Biohazard300x300.png