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  1. General Halloween
    Digging my bike out for a bike week work challenge, and I discovered that I did buy Fogging Basement Doors from Spirit after Halloween last year. y tu?
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone had ideas on how I might incorporate a childs bike as a prop for Halloween? We have 2 and before I donate them to the 'op shop,' I thought I'd ask here first. I've googled it but the only thing that comes up is a clown on a bike... Thanks in advance...
  3. Halloween Props
    Talia wanted to enter this year's contest on her own, alongside Cropper. It originally started with the bike. Start of the year, Talia had been fighting me for years, not wanting to learn to ride her bike. I finally put my foot down that she had to practice every night before she played...
  4. Halloween Props
    During our 2015 Pirate Theme, we included a torture "Pillory" - double sized for kids and adults to take selfies in front of the house. It was a total hit and we had a line down the sidewalk of people trying to get their photos. Since that concept gave people something to do while they awaited...
  5. General Halloween
    Totally unplanned, uncared for, it just very slowly.... happened, and it happened at the corner of my yard, right where most people stand to take possibly their first look at my house. 30 years ago I mounted a dirt bike into the huge dent in the side of my car, complete with skeletal bike rider...
1-5 of 5 Results