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  1. new to the fun of Halloween

    Member Introduction
    Hi i am an Australian who is very much addicted to Halloween - have been celebrating for 4 years now and every year gets better and bigger. Often look at American sites for ideas and want to thank all you people who share your creativity and ideas. Love it but unfortunately its hot when we...
  2. 2019 Pumpkin Growers Thread

    General Halloween
    Happy New Year to all the Halloween loving pumpkin growers. Ooojen mentioned it was time for a new thread, and what ooojen wants, she gets. :D Yes, I am in full seed buying mode. I am following the Giant Pumpkin seed auctions closely. Here is a link to the auction list...
  3. Globalfear enterprise

    Merchant Reviews
    I had been looking at their full body costumes for a long time now, couple years ago, I missed their black Friday special.. when I asked, a few weeks past the deadline because their website still had the discounts, they said they couldn't do it.. SOOO all good, I waited another year, and last...
  4. I need help finding this or knowing if it's coming back next year

    Wanted to Buy
    So I've been building a bigger and bigger pumpkin patch (all different sized fake lit up ones) for my yard haunt and the day after Halloween I see this beauty on clearance at HD. It's perfect for what I want, add some scarecrows, spot lights, tombstones........perfect. I don't know how I missed...
  5. 2018 Pros and Cons

    General Halloween
    I haven’t seen this started yet, if it has I’ll pull this one down. What worked this year for you. What did you change or improve? What were the things that you broke your arm patting yourself on the back for? What didn’t work? What got kicked to try later bin? Weather is always a...
  6. Managing Yard walkers

    General Halloween
    So, I have been having more and more issues with people walking through the yard display to get pictures either with props or in my yard. If I had a section for that it's ok, and we will usually have one or two props easily accessible for this reason. However its getting worse over the years...
  7. Prop Showcase: Beef Netting-Tips and Tricks & How much do I need?

    Halloween Props
    People have asked how far beef netting goes. Here's my experience: Slit tube on one side so you're working with a flat layer The bigger the holes, the larger area it covers (and better it looks) It's easier to cut when stretched very tight and cut with sharp scissors (not Xacto knife) Better to...
  8. Campground Halloween weekends

    General Halloween
    Good day all, does anyone else in here do Halloween weekends at campgrounds? We decorated for th the first time this year after visiting last year and seeing all the cool campsites. Ours was pretty crowded this year but we got a way bigger site for next year and I'm going all out :)
  9. Other: Scarabelle Clown Puppet

    Halloween Props
    Time out for some humor re: "It looked a lot bigger in the photo." I found a deal on the Scarabelle Clown Puppet and while waiting for delivery I fetched a wiper motor from storage and was preparing to make a beefy crank ghost type frame to animate the life size clown puppet. Opps. My bad. I...
  10. tomb /crypt entrance inspired by scare factory version..

    General Halloween
    as I mentioned in another post :) a friend of mine had found a crazy deal on this scare factory tomb entrance, it also had a midnight studio prop on top was a deadite I think... the price was a give away deal.. but I'm in Canada he's in Illinoi !!!!!! 13 h to get there, just too far and the guy...
  11. I need ideas. The bigger the better.

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, Im new the forum and I need some ideas. I've been thinking about what to do this year for months but im still indecisive. I want to incorporate the house as much as possible. I need something extreme, the bigger the better. Any themes you guys think that would work with the house?
  12. Hello everyone!

    Member Introduction
    Of course you know I'm new here,allow me to introduce myself. My username is Apelea [Or Aloe in short terms].I have quite a addiction for Halloween,it's pretty much bigger than Christmas for me!I really don't have much else to say besides that. I hope I enjoy this community just like you are!:)
  13. Static: pumpkin thief try out

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Well, I finally decided to finish this guy.. started him a few years back with a step by step that I found on a forum. then I ran out of liquid latex and all the stores were out :so I put him aside and there he waited.. there's a few things I would do differently for the next one ...
  14. Returning friend

    Member Introduction
    Its been a while due to lack of computer but I have returned. Cant wait to see what I've been missing for the past few years. Our haunt here has gotten a little bigger every year and I plan to keep adding a little more each year. Happy Haunting! ;)
  15. Anybody Else at a Standstill Due to Hot with a Chance of Scorch?

    General Halloween
    I am getting NOTHING done. Other than a few small repairs, it's been too hot to get to and work on my larger props. Ordinarily, I would open the garage door to work on some bigger projects or tackle paint work in the driveway. But in this heat, it would only defeat the house AC. Anybody else...
  16. Hi.

    Member Introduction
    Hello, My name is Britany & my husband is Chris Chris has always loved Halloween - Me, not so much. Last year we hosted our first halloween party together in a one bedroom apartment. It was quite stressful but in the end it went great. Did I mention we won best decorated apartment? In the...
  17. My little UK haunt

    Member Introduction
    Hello i am new to this Forum, i know the rest of the world is miles ahead of the UK for halloween and the scare parks are very exspensive in the UK. So thought i would bring the haunt to the street and let the kids do there trick or treats through my haunt. Its getting bigger and bigger each...
  18. Hello

    Member Introduction
    HI all, I live in the Bahamas and have started doing a haunted house a few years ago. Usually I open my door to the neighborhood and kids from the low income side of the island. The house is getting bigger and hopefully better every year. I do this for free and have close to 500 visitors...
  19. My 2014 Home Haunt

    General Halloween
    Hello all! Just in time for this season, I just had a chance to upload my last years home yard haunt. I had a lot of fun creating this masterpiece and I can't wait for this halloween to come! We had about 700 people come through this last year and I just hoping for it to grow bigger and bigger...
  20. Atmosphere Effects: The Million Dollar Question, but for well under $100

    Halloween Props
    I think we all know, you get what you pay for. At least in most cases, including consumer electronics. However, I can't really justify paying several hundred dollars for a video projector just to put a spook in my window for Halloween. Which is to say, I can't think of a rational argument to...