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  1. Halloween Props
    This year I added a new prop called The Phantom. It was inspired by the Hatbox Ghost and the Phantom from Phantom Manor in Disney Paris. See photos below. I wanted to create a character that could serve as the narrator or Ghost Host for my haunt. I built the prop using a talking skull...
  2. General Halloween
    We had a great Halloween this year. The rain held off until 11 P.M. We had lots of TOTs and had a fun time. Below is a video walk through and night pics. I have day pics in my albums. Thank you for looking. :D Video Link: Below is a link to our video on Dropbox...
  3. Halloween Props
    We had a great Halloween this year. Things have been super busy so I am just now posting my new props for the year. I have pics below and a video. Prop Video Below is a link to a video that shows the pics and some video of the props in action...
1-3 of 3 Results