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  1. General Halloween
    I follow a lot of Halloween-centric Instagram accounts which include companies that release Halloween merchandise in September and October. For whatever reason, I noticed a few companies were starting to release their Halloween items tomorrow (instead of the first day of autumn on the 22nd) so...
  2. General Halloween
    Creepy Co. is selling some "new" vintage Beistle stuff on all sorts of things. Starts tomorrow nite 6PM EST...
  3. General Halloween
    When I think of vintage Halloween items, I can't get very far without visualizing Beistle products. They produced some of the most rustic but memorable decorations I can think of. I would love to see what everyone has in their collections.
  4. General Halloween
    I was at an estate sale yesterday and scored 2 original Beistle cut outs, they're in pretty good condition and I'm happy to add them to my collection. After the estate sale, I headed to an antique mall and spent hours looking at vintage Halloween decorations, some original and some...
  5. Links
    Has anyone here seen this? Www.vintagebeistle.com They have some cool reproductions of old school halloween decorations.
  6. For Sale By Merchants
    I thought I had posted this in here before but couldn't find it. I started making masks this year and have completed 2 sculpts so far. He's Coming, a Michael Myers mask based on the cut-out in the Strode yard in part 6. And Jack the Pumpkin, inspired by the vintage Beistle decorations. I offer...
  7. Member Introduction
    Hi everybody- I've come to this board on many occasions and everyone's enthusiasm for the holiday finally rubbed off on me today :D Growing up in the 80's was a great time to be introduced to Halloween. From blowmolds to lights to the animated figures I loved seeing in department stores. I...
  8. For Sale By Merchants
    Visit Retroween.com for all your vintage design Halloween decoration needs.
1-8 of 9 Results