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  1. Static: Distressing a Shiny Plastic Cauldron

    Halloween Props
    I ordered a plastic cauldron online, but it just began to occur to me, that the effect won't seem as nice because of the shiny plastic look. Before I do anything else with it, I'm wondering if there is a way to make it look old and creepy first. I have seen the oatmeal posts, and honestly that...
  2. Pumpkin Problems-In Input Now

    Halloween Props
    Alright haunters, we have a problem...purchased this at Hobby Lobby and began cutting into the bottom in preparation to carve a face into the front. As I began cutting the bottom the gourd began to break into pieces. I need a solution to the problem. What would or should be the best way to cut...
  3. zombie children teeder todder

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I wanted to try something different and put some children in my graveyard. I came to the conclusion that they would need a teeder todder. What better than an old wooden cross and a rock?? This took forever because I didn't really have anything to go by. With the help of a few friends it has...
  4. felt like I was being watched...(not in a creepy way)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I was doing some cleaning in my basement, felt like I was being watched . I turned...then began laughing like a lunatic... my brain friend “Clay"