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  1. Other: Trenton Mills beef netting - Canada

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, so I went ahead and ordered 10lbs of the poly beef netting from Trenton Mills. Being in Montreal, I had done a bunch of research to find a supplier north of the border but obviously couldn't. Just FYI, total cost was 41$ + 32$ US for shipping, then I got nailed with 26$ CAN for...
  2. Prop Showcase: Beef Netting-Tips and Tricks & How much do I need?

    Halloween Props
    People have asked how far beef netting goes. Here's my experience: Slit tube on one side so you're working with a flat layer The bigger the holes, the larger area it covers (and better it looks) It's easier to cut when stretched very tight and cut with sharp scissors (not Xacto knife) Better to...
  3. I think I came up with another use for beef netting spider webs

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    This is just a proof of concept collage I did but I think this could work.
  4. Beef Netting

    Wanted to Buy
    Anyone know where to buy 'Beef netting' in Europe/Belgium? Or anything else that can be used to make large spiderwebs? thx
  5. Static: Gargantuan HD spider and nest

    Halloween Props
    Just finished this morning. Really love the Gargantuan Spider from Home Depot. Webs are all beef netting from Trenton Mills (cotton).
  6. Show me your beef netting spider webs!

    General Halloween
    I just got 10 lbs (GOOD GRIEF THAT'S A LOT) of beef netting from Trenton Mills. Sure they have some pictures but I wanted to see what you guys have done and if you have any tips.
  7. Static: Where to get beef netting for spider webs in the UK

    Halloween Props
    Just that really. I'd love to do big spider webs all over the garden for my halloween party but I can't seem to find any beef netting from a uk supplier. I got in touch with Trenton Mills but the shipping cost makes it prohibitively expensive. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?
  8. beef netting questions

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to order 10 lbs of beef netting from trenton mills and have some questions for those who have used it in the past. Does the beef netting hold up to the elements if outside for a coupleweeks? can it be taken down and saved for reuse or is it a 1 time product? is 10 lbs enough or too...
  9. Atmosphere Effects: Beef Netting - what's the difference?

    Halloween Props
    I'm finally ahead of the game enough this year to purchase some beef netting for my spiderwebs. I went to the site and saw that they now have two different varieties. I was wondering if anyone had used them both and had a preference for making spiderwebs?
  10. Other: Is this beef netting?

    Halloween Props
    Hi helpful Halloween'ers. I'm looking for some advice on "beef netting" for my spider themed front yard haunt this year... I'm trying to find a local Australian source since shipping from the US is so expensive but I'm not sure the stuff I'm finding is the same stuff I've seen used so well on...
  11. Static: The Meat Grinder

    Halloween Props
    Saw something like this at Halloween Annex in Worcester, MA....thought I would try to make something like! Given an antique meat grinder, and had the small bench. Found the decapitated head at a yard sale....Great Stuff and paint! Looks better in person,...lighting off a bit with my phone...