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  1. DJ Lights for lighting up trees

    General Halloween
    A few years ago when I attended Nightmare New England (pro haunt attraction), they lit up a section of trees with a very cool lighting effect. I'll briefly describe it but I doubt I'll be able to find the device that produced it. It would shoot random white points of light at the canopy and then...
  2. Ghost "experiences"

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Hello, Although I have been a member of this forum for about a year now I just realized this section was here so I thought I would share some of my ghost experiences. I say experiences because although I have encountered a lot of unexplained phenomenon I have never seen a ghost. There was a...
  3. 7 deadly sins party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    http://www.halloweenforum.com/party-ideas-experiences-and-recipes/164914-2017-whats-your-theme-3.html#post2162770 we're thinking about "7 deadly sins" for our party theme this year (see above url) and i thought i'd come to you guys early for ideas. we're thinking about doing individual rooms...
  4. Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

    General Halloween
    2016 was a horrible year! We lost my grandma, some good friends and four of our oldest pets (the last on Christmas Eve.) and I pulled tendons in my shoulder and elbow that are still not completely healed! I just had to take some time off to recuperate both physically and mentally and I'm ready...
  5. How many of you have scared yourself?

    General Halloween
    Thanks to folks on the forum I am now the proud owner of the harvester prop. Well as it is Halloween everyday at my house I assembled to prop and checked out how it works and basically just had fun with it. Well I left it assembled and placed it in a stand in a spare bedroom to scare my sister...
  6. The Unorthodox 2016 project.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So, since most of our intended project this year is being put on hold. Instead, we are looking at remodeling the house as a first option. Moving as a second. Didn't feel right to throw this stuff up in general, but still figured on documenting, so here we are. Unlike TK421, we're not...
  7. Store themes

    General Halloween
    What new props would go with a possible theme? One theme below. Others as we hear about them. Bedroom (what i think a bedroom would have)
  8. Art inspired from Horror? Share yours ..

    Halloween Crafts
    Anyone have horror/halloween inspired art they've done to share? I'd love to see it. My oldest is studying portraiture this semester .. This is face 3 out of 9 .. Not all horror inspired, but this one is. Done with prism pens and water colors. She has recently read " The Yellow Wallpaper"...
  9. Fabric Target Halloween 2013 - Out of the kitchen and into the bedroom

    Halloween Crafts
    I love Target...and Halloween season doesn't start for me officially until they put out their stuff. Last year they had a ton of adorable things but it was all for the kitchen/dining area, which is okay but I was hoping for even more. Instead of firing off an angry letter to Target Corporate...
  10. Need help with Halloween/horror bedroom idead

    General Halloween
    My dad and I are finishing are basement, and I’ll be building a new bedroom down there. However, I’m absolutely stumped as to how I should do up the room. I want it to show my naturally Halloween/horror-loving personality, as well as work as a retreat from the rigors of daily life. I’m trying to...