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  1. Static: Just found a huge, retro Sleepy Hollow sign at TJ Maxx ... how to improve on it?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, So in the spirit of my pumpkin sentinel and funeral hearse I found this perfect sign to go in my yard to drive the effect home. Never seen one like it and it's pretty impressive. Solid, sturdy wood and nice graphics and routering. That said, I want to "relic" it a bit more. How...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: Question re: bed sheet for rear projections

    Halloween Props
    Next year I want to project onto a 4-ft X 8-ft area and I'd rather not blow $20+ on a jumbo shower curtain or try to patch two regular ones together. For anyone with experience projecting onto bed sheets: - Do you have any problems with the hot spot showing through? - Does thread count matter...
  3. zombie Popsicles

    General Halloween
    Just saw these at Bed Bath and Beyond. I may have to buy them.
  4. Bed Bath and Beyond 2017

    General Halloween
    https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/s/halloween/1-48?pagSortOpt=Date-1&view=grid&_dyncharset=UTF-8&partialFlag=&ml=v1&isFromSWD=false&_requestid=3486916 looks like some new dish sets for this year so far
  5. They Are Coming .. for You!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Nobody wants to even listen,.. and nobody even cares... yet. But they will care and care a whole bunch, bet your Baby's Booties on that, Mister! These things are unstoppable! They can run all night, eating, killing, catching other's soft skin between THOSE TEETH! Go to sleep, go ahead! You...
  6. This Bed Is Perfect For Halloween

    General Halloween
    My 12 year old son needed a new bed as he has outgrown his twin bed. We wanted to get a bed with storage underneath and found this at Ikea. The bed opens like a static garage door (or like the Munsters staircase) and the items are stored inside. Once we got it up, I ran down stairs and...
  7. Mechanical: Exorcist Regan rotating head doll

    Halloween Props
    Finally finished this new for 2015 prop, got the nightgown done last night and finished the bed today, here is a before pic and after video,
  8. Boogieman under bed gag question

    General Halloween
    Hey gang. I need your help. In my backyard haunt this year we're going with a haunted bed and breakfast theme. Various rooms associated with a nights stay at a B&B that goes horribly wrong. lol. For my last scare I wanted to create a fake bedroom scene in my garage. My neice will be dressed...
  9. This Just In...

    General Halloween
    A minute ago as I returned from buying a snack,there was a man snapping some pictures of the house. I told him the most photographed "Face" in the County is the Pterodactyl skull on the side of the house. He said he has been here before, in October then complimented how we ran the "Show"...
  10. Tonight's Customer's Ghost Story

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    A nice , a cute little Ghost story. Next to Her side of the bed was a touch lamp light. He had one like it on his side of their bed too. The light on her side would go "On". If she didn't wake up, the light would go "OFF", then the light on "His" side would go "ON". This would happen after...
  11. Static: Sleeping baby reaper bed headstone

    Halloween Props
    Its a long name for a headstone but thats what i made I found the bed headstone online and wanted to do a halloween themed one so why not a baby sleeping reaper took 3 days to carve /build and paint. [url]http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/ihauntu-albums-sleeping-reaper-headstone...
  12. My Personal Experiences

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I have more than my fair share of weird things that have happened to me. Nearly dying more times than I can remember, and seeing certain things, which was apparently all passed from my grandmother and partially my grandfather to my mother to me. We're the only ones that have this ability, as...
  13. Please help! I need your vote!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hey ghouls and gals... I hate doing stuff like this, and I feel kind of dirty doing so.... :o But my wife and I desperately need your help! We are entered in an 'ultimate couples' contest where the grand prize is a new queen-size bed. When we got married, we bought a bed from a less-than...
  14. bed for exorcist room

    What is the best way to make the bed shake in our Exorcist room next year. I would assume pnuematics, but we have never worked with them in the past. Not sure where to start or what an estimated cost would be. Any insight would be great
  15. Bed Bath and Beyond Tinsel cat

    General Halloween
    bed Bath and Beyond is selling this animatronic tinsel cat for 14.99, I have one, it's huge. I see other sites selling them for way more, thought I give you guys a head up.
  16. Fabric Target Halloween 2013 - Out of the kitchen and into the bedroom

    Halloween Crafts
    I love Target...and Halloween season doesn't start for me officially until they put out their stuff. Last year they had a ton of adorable things but it was all for the kitchen/dining area, which is okay but I was hoping for even more. Instead of firing off an angry letter to Target Corporate...
  17. Dead & Breakfast

    General Halloween
    Usually I set scenes up in all my windows plus the front half of my double garage. Because we fell a little behind on the front yard re-landscaping project, my garage is packed with tools so that nixed my plans. I decided to do a Witches Bed and Breakfast scenario, with witches in the window...