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  1. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am a fat guy, and it's hard to come up with good Halloween costumes for someone my shape. This year my brother suggested a Star Trek movie uniform, as some of the cast members had put on some weight. I knew the Monster Maroon Uniform was beyond my skill level, but then Scotty's Costume from...
  2. Makeup
    does any one have any idea how to cover/ hide facial hair? without shaving like Tyler Perry does when he plays madea I have seen him on stage but when he come out after the show he as a beard how do you hide facial hair thanks
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Every year I have to figure out a costume that uses my beard. I am Santa Claus for Christmas and need to keep it long and bushy. Past costumes I used masks (I hate masks) and of course my zombie. But I would like to pick your collective brains (no pun) for new ideas :) 1. Zombie 2. Odin...
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi :) I'm looking to do the wizard thing this year (for me - adult male). Some of the beards I've seen look awful. Some are available in the US but might not make it to me (UK) before Halloween. If anyone is aware of really good looking beard/wig combos please let me know - even if it's for...
1-4 of 5 Results