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  1. General Halloween
    Pottery Barn Kids Snoopy Collection Heads up that Pottery Barn Kids is now selling their Halloween items and this year's theme is Snoopy! Here is a link to all of their Halloween items...
  2. Halloween Props
    First I'd like to say for a long time i thought that this stuff couldn't be that much better than the free beaded white foam i was getting from work. I can now say I have been doing it WRONG for a while. This stuff is incredible and god almighty at the mess the beaded board made in comparison to...
  3. General Halloween
    The countdown is on. There are a few items up. Nothing new...but if anybody missed out. These are back. I have the beaded skull candle and it is gorgeous!
  4. Halloween Props
    Now that the pressure of the Holiday is over, and winter is setting in, I'm going to try getting some props done that have back-burnered for too long. I'm tackling the hardest one first - the blood fountain. The 2 main parts I need are no longer made, and I've had 0 luck finding used ones. So...
  5. Halloween Crafts
    Hi all, I'm already beading ahead for Halloween and also just completed this 3D Beaded Halloween Witch Charm Tutorial to share. I made this witch charm last Halloween but just managed to find time to draw out the tutorial now. I have hung it on my phone, bag and pouch as a charm. It is...
  6. Halloween Crafts
    Hi all, Made this beaded 3-D ghost charm (doubles as a finger puppet) for myself last Halloween, finally got to finished the tutorial, check out the free tutorial at: Beaded 3D Ghost Charm Project - September Or see the photo at: Halloween Ghost Charm - Bead Jewelry Making Thanks for looking...
1-6 of 6 Results