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  1. Hello From the Bayou!

    Member Introduction
    Hello there from the Bayou State (Louisiana!) Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself on this super awesome forum. I made a PVC fence last year that I originally found linked here (and this is how I found the forum <3 )...I LOVE the way it came out. Almost got divorced over it...
  2. Static: Bad moon on the bayou

    Halloween Props
    Sorry all, I could not figure out how to rotate the pics. :( This year, my wife challenged me to create a theme based on a swamp or bayou. I started with some old fence panels turned on their side and attached. I added a porch of pallets and cut one pallet in half to create a dock. The...
  3. Haunted Bayou Swamp 2017

    General Halloween
    Havent posted much lately as my party is this saturday! starting to feel the pressure especially because I wasn't happy the way my first attempt at Jambalaya turned out. Here are some picts of the set up. I shamelessly copied papa voodoo from the members here ( of course mine is not as...
  4. Prop Showcase: Rattlesnake Swamp Monster

    Halloween Props
    Heres my latest project. Built from PVC frame then Spray foam (no chicken wire) paper mache then paint to match the mask and have green LED eyes. Should go good to match my sewer monster. Does anyone know of a good way to protect your paper mache from rain? On some of my stuff I have used...
  5. 30's & 40's Era Halloween, Vol. 2 Various artists

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE (WITH IMAGES): https://app.box.com/s/f37tanz9dwg746kfshm3f1ec2exyqka5 1. Ghost in the Graveyard – Prairie Ramblers 2. Nightmare – Artie Shaw 3. The Ghost Of Smokey Joe – Cab Calloway 4. The Little Man Who Wasn’t There – Glenn Miller 5. Haunted House – Betty Grable 6...
  6. 2015-Carnival of Carnage and 2016- Voodoo on the Bayou

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Well guys, 2015's party has come and gone. The Carnival of Carnage was a success in its own right. The night was unlike what I had planned but I learned alot in my first haunt/party. Three months of building was worth it for the "hell of a party" I threw. Pictures are in my album for those who...
  7. Voodoo on the Bayou 2014

    General Halloween
    Here is a link to my 2014 Voodoo on the Bayou pics. This year I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, so if the original prop idea is from a fellow forum member please let me know and I'll credit you ASAP. I would like to than Obsessedwithit who sent me some AMAZING skulls, bones,and misc. bayou...
  8. Turnsworth Cemetery 2014 video!

    General Halloween
    Doesn't compare to the amazing work a lot of folks around here do, but here is a walkthrough/photo montage of our yard haunt in action. New stuff this year: -The stained glass and stone walls over all the windows -Bone Chillers projection in one window -Mini swamp area (I received dueling...
  9. Static: Bayou shack WIP

    Halloween Props
    Might not look like much yet, but hopefully with a roof and porch, this'll resemble an old shack on the bayou. This is 2 panels that'll be bolted together and, as soon as I figure out how, the roof and "porch" will also just bolt together so it can be stored in the off season. Specs are 5'x8'...
  10. Old commercial fishing net wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    We're doing a swamp-themed party at our small theatre this year. Our ceilings are really high so we were thinking about doing a "drop ceiling" out of old commercial fishing net (the more degraded the better). I'm on the east coast and have put "wanted" ads on Craigslist in the two closest port...
  11. I need help!

    General Halloween
    I want to do a swamp theme. I saw these online and thought it would be a good start. But does anyone know how to make them? I was thinking a stick from outside but a clear coat of paint (to act as a glue) then to sprinkle the "moss" on. Then add the lantern.