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  4. Other: Batteries for Yankee Candle Boney Bunch?

    Halloween Props
    Hi. Does anyone know what size watch batteries go into the Yankee Candle 2011 Boney Bunch witch with crystal ball? It doesn't say anywhere on the decoration. Thanks
  5. Static: Can I connect a PIR to wireless remote switch?

    Halloween Props
    I have several store props that are a mix of sound or motion triggered. All are powered by AA batteries. They are near each other, and I'd like trigger them simultaneously via PIR. I happen to own a 12V 4CH Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch. Is there any way to connect the props to the...
  6. Other: Need help adding power plug to Talking Boris

    Halloween Props
    Trying to post this again. I tried to post once but cannot find it. Anyway, does anyone know how or can point me to a how to on adding a wall wart to a Talking Boris? I opened it up and found out that it has 6 batteries that are split somehow. one section has 6 volts and the other section has 3...
  7. PIR Activated Scream Boxes $25 Shipping Included (US Only)

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    PIR Activated Scream Boxes $21 Shipping Included (US Only) We only have (10) of these available. They are leftovers from the MHC show and not something we typically carry so I am clearing them out of the shop. Kit includes: (1) PIR Activated Scream box (1) Pivoting mounting bracket (3) AAA...
  8. Don't buy Duracell batteries

    Product Reviews
    Duracell batteries Not sure if this has been mentioned here but don't use Duracell batteries in your props or anything else for that matter. I've lost track of how many Duracell AA's have gone bad and leaked the last couple years. They used to be one of the best batteries you could buy but now...
  9. Mechanical: Which prop(s) were most effective

    Halloween Props
    For me it was two spirit props. Deadly roots. This big prop scared the heck out of most everyone and fascinated people too. What really brought this prop to life was adding external speakers which made it loud. I used a step pad under the front door mat and unsuspecting tots got quite a scare...
  10. Electronic/Software: Wolfie wiring

    Halloween Props
    I was tired of changing batteries and having to turn on and off props every night. So I have been wiring every prop to run off power supplies. I have already rewired tea lights and a number of different props but when I got to the wolf I could not get it to work. Most of the props were easy...
  11. Lighting: Walgreens Candle Hack

    Halloween Props
    Last year after Halloween Walgreens hit 90% off, and one of the finds were LED candles for 40 cents a pair. I was not about to get 2 AA batteries for every candle, so I decided to make candle clusters. Straight forward to solder wires to the back of each candle tip,which unscrews from the...
  12. Off-Season Organization and Storage

    General Halloween
    Hello, All! It seems like every year when I start to bring my decorations and props out of storage and I go through box after box, I find things I forgot I even had. This year, I have decided to take snapshots of every item I have, pasting them into a MS Word document along with a description...
  13. Electronic/Software: My first try me button from spirit

    Halloween Props
    So, my local spirit gave me the display try me button yesterday because I wanted one for my jumping spider, but when I opened the battery compartment, the contacts and batteries were missing. I decided to take it apart to see more about this, and it looks like there is no wire connecting to the...
  14. Help with Battery vs. AC Adapter

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey Guys, I have one of those handheld torches that use 2 C batteries. If left on the batteries die in like an hour. I made my own battery eliminator device and attached it to a 4.8vdc wall wart. Now these batteries are 3vdc combined right? So 4.8v should be plenty, or am I backward? When I...
  15. Mechanical: Ouija Board from Wal-Mart/Five Below Stores

    Halloween Props
    I bought this Ouija board back in the spring when Wal-mart.com had them on sale for around $7.50. These same boards had also been for sale at the "Five and Below" stores in the past. Been trying to get around to turning it into a Haunted/Animated Ouija. Worked out pretty good. Luckily, this...
  16. Lighting: AC power for my Laser Vortex

    Halloween Props
    Sorry if this is already on here, new to this site. I have a laser vortex that runs off 2 "AA" batteries. I want to buy a AC power supply from Ebay so I do not have to swap batteries every half hour. Do I just need any 3 V AC adapter? What rating of A do I need, I see many. I am assuming...
  17. Free Batteries at Harbor Freight

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    Harbor Freight is giving away free packs of batteries Friday - Sunday. Your choice of size.
  18. query on laser vortex power source

    Halloween Props
    looking at buying a laser vortex for this years halloween bash but have a strange question that i could do with some help understanding 2 different sellers are claiming different ways are better at powering the laser module seller number 1 states Unlike other sellers, my version does not...
  19. Lighting: question about changing battery operated to ac

    Halloween Props
    I know I have seen this in here before but i cannot find it with search so sorry if its duplicated. I did take a strobe that uses three AA batteries and make it able to plug in using a transformer. I know 1 aa battery = 1.5v and .5a,, so I needed a transformer with 4.5v, and 1.5a. What Im...
  20. Prop Showcase: Dollar Tree LED candle mod...

    Halloween Props
    Hello my fellow haunters and Halloween enthusiasts. A few months ago I was walking around my local dollar tree and something caught my eye, a battery operated LED tapered candle. So I bought a pack and some aaa batteries, put the batteries in, then found out the horrible truth. They were bright...