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  1. Batman vs Jason who would win?

    Horror Discussion
  2. Arkham Asylum 2019 (Party Decorations)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, I finally decided to pull the trigger and have a Halloween party. I've always wanted to, but I live alone and am self conscious about the cleanliness of my house. I decided "life's too short [redacted] it!" I'm a huge Batman fan both metaphorically and literally (too many carbs) so I...
  3. 2019 What's Your Theme?!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are doing Heroes & Villians Husband & I will be Batman & The Joker (Heath Ledger Style for me)
  4. Looking for Help with wording on the invite for a Tim Burton theme.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Want people to dress as anything from any movie Tim Burton worked on. Work in asking guests to bring a food item to share. The Muppet Movie The Fox and the Hound Tron Pee Wee's big adventure Beetlejuice Batman Edward Scissorhands Batman Returns The Nightmare before Christmas Cabin Boy Ed Wood...
  5. Prop Showcase: Bat Signal so Jim Gordan can call Batman

    Halloween Props
    I decided I wanted to shift my theme from Steampunk to Gotham Steampunk. That means you have to have a way to call Batman right? Haha
  6. Other: Holy extension cords batman

    Halloween Props
    This year I've done my first large scale yard haunt (it's so much fun to finally put to use all the fx knowledge i've learned from years of trolling this forum)... and I was prepared for the majority of the expenses, but holy extension cords batman. I'm eating Ramen for the rest of the year to...
  7. Slow start to 2017 Gotham themed haunt

    General Halloween
    UPDATE 2017 PICS Back to the 2016 stuff and build up to 2017. Lots of pics in the thread........ So I'm just checking in to see what everyone is up to this year. I think the fact that Halloween is on a Tuesday has far from sparked excitement for me this year. I have a couple new...
  8. 2016 Batman Arkham Asylum Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    All right, January 1st and I am committing to a theme! The timing is right with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad both coming out this year. "Dawnski," you ask, "Are you out of your mind on a Batman party? It's so not horror." Nay I say. You've got such wonderful villains like The...
  9. Other Joker 52 pumpkin 2014

    Halloween Crafts
    Batman is next
  10. Lego Benny Costume from The Lego Movie

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey everyone, I just finished my Lego Benny costume for Halloween/future Cons. I created a series of How-to videos outlining the process. I appreciate any feedback, tips, hints, questions. I am hoping to start on my Batman one next!! The Body- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUHGkI3S2TQ The...
  11. Batman Animated Series/Lego Batman style Joker wig?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Can someone help me out here please? My son wants to dress as Joker for Halloween. We have all the costume parts other than the wig, which is proving very difficult to find. He doesn't want the Heath Ledger style wig as he's too young to watch the film so isn't familiar with that Joker. He wants...
  12. New Sarcazmo the Clown video. Batman movies.

    General Halloween
    Hello halloweeners, Sarcazmo here. Heres my new video that deals with the Batman movies. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEP3vyW8-DA
  13. Going to a party as Classic Joker

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys. My friend is having a "BatParty" and I wanted to go as the classic Joker. I will not be going as the Heath Ledger style Joker, I want something more along the lines of the animated series Joker. now the makeup will be easy. The only thing I have to consider is the costume and the...
  14. Good halloween game for your party

    General Halloween
    Thought this might be of interest to parents having a halloween party WALNUT BOATS for halloween Open English walnuts, remove meat, and in each half shell fasten short pieces of differently colored Christmas candles, each of which is to be named for a member of party and, after lighting, set...