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  1. General Halloween
    Potter township, Beaver Co. PA. This is "Our Halloween" A custom built Nightmare display including the kids in their bathtub and a custom build life size Nightmare sleigh for Jack to ride in.
  2. Halloween Props
    Can somebody please share their best blood recipe ? There are many out there, and I really don't want to spend a day making blood unneccesarily :-) I have acouple of uses in mind. One is putting the blood on white sheets, so I'm hoping the color will stay bright by Halloween... Hmmm.... or...
  3. General Halloween
    I searched but couldn't find a thread. they had a really cool mermaid skeleton that's 73" long! Yeah, think i'm gonna need her to put either in the pool or the bathtub. I need to spend some time perusing their page...
1-3 of 3 Results