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  1. witches ball (not decorative but party type) help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    hi, has anyone held a witches ball at home? if so how did you decorate please? there will be kids and adults present and my house is standard uk size. i have Lshape lounge/diner and kitchen, stairs and can do bits in front garden. i have potion bottles to do an apothecary shelf, i have animal...
  2. Fog Scents?

    Product Reviews
    I ran four fog machines for three different scenes at my yard haunt this year. I saw that they sell fog scent and thought this would be perfect for each scene so I purchased Swamp for my pirate ship, Electrocution for my electric chair and Haunted Mansion for my haunted walkway. I purchased...
  3. My party is tomorrow!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My party is tomorrow and I have so much to do! I started decorating a month ago and only have hanging spider egg sacks in the bathroom. Im going to use red lighting in there as well as spider webs and spiders. I have a sound activated lantern on the sink. Is that enough for the bathroom?
  4. Disco Club Dead theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi All.....wow...it's been awhile since I've logged on to say hello! Looks like alot of you are so organized this year with your party planning! I'm still struggling, and can use your suggestions if you have any! 13th year for this party.....have tons of skeletons and pvc people, fabric...
  5. Mechanical: Need Some Help on a Prop for my Bathroom

    Halloween Props
    So this year, we are doing a "carnevil" theme ... it will mostly be outside, but I wanted to do something carnevil in the bathroom as well. Here's my idea: I'm going to make a PVC frame and suspend it from the shower curtain rod, then use fishing line to basically make a cage. The cage's only...
  6. Decorating Bathroom Inexpensively?

    General Halloween
    This year I'd like to completely revamp my bathroom decor for Halloween, and I need some ideas for inexpensive decor. My bathroom is normally decorated with fish and whales and beachy things for the non-Halloween part of the year. So in the past few years I've worked around that and added...
  7. Static: Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation

    Halloween Props
    This is a total transformation of my bathroom into a psych ward showing some of the torturous methods doctors used in the past. 3 patients are chained, caged and drugged. The walls are padded with egg crate mattress padding and blue paper paint tarps are hanging to look like medical curtains...
  8. Almost... "Fiction"

    Literature and Role-Playing
    ("I don't care what anybody says, I'm going to take a bath." ) He hadn't owned the house very long, and the plumbing was now finally turned "On", and he really needed a bath! (Always THE best reason for one.) It had once been a "Pink" bathroom, featuring all "Pink" fixtures. The toilet had...
  9. Paranormal Report -Mount Carroll,illinois

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    A new Bed& Breakfast had a woman get them an EMF reader, Footsteps were being heard in the upstairs and nobody is there. High readings were found in two locations. One location is where someone painted (I guess a small picture? )OF satan on the bathroom wall. (Maybe behind another wall...
  10. 10th Annual Halloween Spooktacula - 10-24-2015 PHOTOS!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi everyone! This years spooktacula was a great success with much fun had by many! We had 100 friends join us for a night of dancing, drinking, eating and bonfire. Here are a few pictures of the entrance...we use foam walls and lift the garage door...this is how to enter the party! Next, you...
  11. Electronic/Software: Party hijinx; monster in a box, in a bathroom!

    Halloween Props
    Halloween party this weekend, and I need just one more scare for my guests. What better place to scare them than in the place they are most vulnerable... the bathroom! I'm taking the whole monster in a box concept (thanks BIGANT!) and modifying it for the bathroom. No, I'm not putting it in the...
  12. Static: Mr. Clean

    Halloween Props
    Had a couple extra Pose-N-Stays (is that even possible?) and set this guy up in our guest bathroom. We named him Mr. Clean!
  13. What Is THE Strangest thing you have ever said...

    General Halloween
    To someone inside of your haunt? I had forgotten this,tonight my Wife reminded me of what i had said to a young woman we had just caught using a room here as a bathroom, but of course it was Not a Bathroom! She was not "Scared", she was drunk. I demanded that she tell us her address so then I...
  14. Haunted School Announcements

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am in need of some help here. Every year for our halloween party we decorate our bathroom for the next years overall theme; a preview of sorts. Well we decided to do a haunted elementary school and our idea for the bathroom is pretty good we think. We are painting the whole thing in...
  15. Happy April Fools Day!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Happy April Fools Day! ? Anyone have any epic pranks for the day?!?! First .. We prank big time here and our sense of humor is 'wrong' .. So if easily offended, back out now. Lol I've gotten everyone besides my youngest. ? First the oh so classic piece of cellophane tape on the sink...
  16. Freddy Krueger!

    Halloween Music
    My bathroom theme is nightmare on elm st. i need some music to be played on my playbook in the bathroom cupboard. Nothing loud as I don't want it heard outside the bathroom....just when the bathroom door is closed.
  17. Retirement Asylum bathroom ideas needed!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I started a thread for my 50th birthday retirement asylum earlier....now I need help with the bathroom. In years past, the bathroom has always been a big deal....here are my ideas, and I welcome your input and suggestions! Emergency pull cord in tub and near toliet (not sure If I can order...
  18. Atmosphere Effects: Age my toliet. :)

    Halloween Props
    I need to make my bathroom look older and less diserable than it is. Something that will turn the tiles in the tub brown and the toliet a grimer color...but can be cleaned off afterwards. I know I can use tea bags or food color in the bowl it brown it up. But not sure a safe aging stain for the...
  19. red coloring for toliet

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I saw a post on here awhile back that someone puts something red in the toliet tank, so that every time the toliet is flushed, it flushes red water. How would I do this? Thanks!:eek:
  20. Freddy - Nightmare On Elm St Bathroom

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    **UPDATE .. PIX ON 2nd page .. go check them out* Hey guys! I've been lurking on here for weeks getting so many ideas for my upcoming party. This is the most awesome forum ever!! Anyway as most of you, I go all out on my halloween parties and wanted to do something themed in the bathroom this...