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  1. MORE Celebrity Deaths!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    To quote the legendary Vince Lombardi, "What the Hell's going on out there!" Two more legends, from the World of Sport, bit the dust today. Pat Summitt, Coach of the Lady Vols Basketball team and Buddy Ryan, Defensive Co-ordinator of the '85 Chicago Bears, no longer with us...
  2. Other: Basketball Hoop Help

    Halloween Props
    So our driveway has a basketball hoop in it and instead of moving it, I usually keep it in the display by hanging ghosts from it. This year I wanted to do something more than just simply hang a ghoul or two. Does anybody have any ideas on how to utilize a basketball hoop? My theme this year...
  3. Static: Old basketball still has life

    Halloween Props
    This year I am pulling double duty I got my regular haunted house for the 31st but a treat this year my sister is celebrating her birthday and asked me for help decorating as she puts it I am a freak and who better to help decorate. For weeks and weeks have been looking at this old nasty worn...
  4. New Member from Sioux City, IA

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    Greetings fellow haunters, halloweenies, builders & fans. Been building Halloween props for about 10 years now, mostly papier mache but have dabbled in some other media like wood, monster mud and I think, I am the first person to create a 4 1/2 foot tall Jack Skellington bust (using a deflated...