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  1. General Halloween
    I am jumping on the bandwagon to give out small toys with the full size bars this year. I have already collected mini Play-Doh cans, mini stencils & erasers (will get pencils to go with them) and some Hot Wheels. I wanted to put them into little paper treat sacks - the flat "vintage style" (not...
  2. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey I made a new tutorial and thought I would share it. Let me know what you think and any suggestions to make it better?
  3. Halloween Props
    I’m thinking about getting a airbrush unit for doing tombstones and a few other items. Up to this point I have been using tinted Drilock and washing a paint over that. The problem is all the stones basically look the same. Any good techniques or tips of using a airbrush to add some character to...
  4. Halloween Props
    Is there a way to have an Uno run in a loop by jumping 2 connections, not by code, much the same way you can with a Picoboo? I'm wanting to run it with relays connected without a PIR and have the sequence run over and over? So basically when power is applied to the UNO it's starts playing the...
  5. Halloween Props
    I bought the 3 Classic Halloween Monsters this year through Home Depot (Werewolf, Drac & Frankenstein). They are IR props that work off of each other, but I have no idea how to set them off without having to press the button on each of their arms. Is there a hack to hook them up to step pads or...
  6. Halloween Music
    https://archive.org/details/WPTG6 I've been making this podcast for three years running now, it's basically a vintage halloween playlist with really bad halloween jokes in between! Its definitely work and kid safe! There are six episodes total, listen to the latest and if you're into it catch...
  7. Halloween Props
    Although I don't post often, I follow religiously and have an opportunity to have my two worlds come together. I am currently taking a class on product formation. Being a haunter, and specifically into Pirates, I am conceptualizing a self-contained pirate cannon as a product that can be taken...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm ThatOneHalloweenWolf12. I enjoy collecting Gemmy items, Building props, and basically everything about Halloween! I hope I can meet some new friends on here who like Halloween and gemmy.
  9. General Halloween
    Guys.... guess what I saw today? Stumped? I'll tell you. Are you ready? A halloween garage sale. That's right folks, a whole sale of nothing but Halloween stuff. I basically tucked and rolled out of the car.
  10. Halloween Props
    Been a while since I made a regular Halloween prop, since I haven't had a haunt of my own for a few years. I recently got an opportunity to make something, so I decided to go back to my roots with a goofy zombie. I used to do plenty of groundbreakers, but I never got to do a full figure zombie...
  11. Halloween Props
    Looking for some links people know of that sell acrylic teeth? I was thinking of ordering some bucky skeletons and I hate the molded teeth, they look fake. So basically I'd be looking for perhaps 10 sets so cheapest price or even wholesale would be best.
1-11 of 14 Results