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  1. Jack the Ripper theme

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, we're in the planning stages of our haunt this year. We're thinking about doing a Jack the Ripper theme. There isn't a whole lot out there that I can find of other haunts doing this theme. I have spoken to a few folks though, and if anyone HAS done a Jack the Ripper theme, I'd love...
  2. Static: potion bottle help

    Halloween Props
    hi, i have decided to go back through some of my early made potion bottles and make them look better as they were just bits in bottles with bits in and a label - very basic and i was happy with them a few yrs ago as basic bottles. HOWEVER, i made many more and they look a lot better. Has...
  3. Static: potion bottle help

    Halloween Props
    hi, i have decided to go back through some of my early made potion bottles and make them look better as they were just bits in bottles with bits in and a label - very basic and i was happy with them a few yrs ago as basic bottles. HOWEVER, i made many more and they look a lot better. Has...
  4. Light-O-Rama – It's Not Just for Christmas

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    In previous posts, I've often mentioned using Light-O-Rama hardware and software for Halloween displays. The following video isn't so much a tutorial as an introduction that may tempt some of you to add computerized control to your attractions. I've used only the company's most basic equipment...
  5. Static: Tips for zombie bear/bunny

    Halloween Props
    I want to make my first zombie bear/bunny as in attached pics. I just had a few basic questions: 1) What is the object being used for the eyes? 2) Securing the pumpkin teeth (for teeth and claws)...should I use hot glue? Contact cement? 3) Painting...looks like a bit of spray paint and...
  6. Lighting: How can I make a sign like this and have the bulbs flash in patterns?

    Halloween Props
    Image here My brother lives in a large neighborhood that gets tons of trick or treaters however his house isn't in the most high-traffic area. We decorate tons but would like to make a sign like the image I posted to put nice and tall on the roof. I plan on making the sign halloween-ey but...
  7. Mechanical: Wiper Motor Arm Attachment Help

    Halloween Props
    Does any one have a good way of attaching an arm to a basic wiper motor like you would get on monster guts? I need a longer arm than the ones provided. I've tried attaching metal bars that I have drilled a hole in. Then I will use washers and a nut and hope to get enough compression to hold the...
  8. House Tracking Website

    Hey guys new to the forum. I made up a basic website to track cool houses around Canada. Just right click on the map and add any cool places or your own place with a picture if you'd like. halloweenmap.ca If there is support I can make up one for the US as well or feel free to mark you US...
  9. How to sew a basic costume?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I've been looking for some very basic tips or tutorials but haven't really found what I need. I want to make some costumes to repurpose some of my props - just basic pants, shirts and jumpsuits - but I'm not sure how to go about it. They won't be worn as costumes by people so they don't have to...
  10. Other Harry Potter Signage

    Halloween Crafts
    For anyone who was caught in a pinch like me! I could not find a template for these anywhere for free, so I made my own. They are very basic, but after printing, laminating and sticking some card to them, they done the job.
  11. Halloween Forum MODERATORS WANTED!

    General Halloween
    Halloween Forum is a really unique place and we want to keep it a friendly, awesome site for Halloween enthusiasts, home haunters and professional haunters alike. So that being said, the time has come to put out a call for a few good members to step up and help keep the forum clean and tidy...
  12. Mechanical: Basic Animatronic Advice

    Halloween Props
    Hello All, I am looking to get into some very very basic animatronics. I'm talking like single armature, 45 Degree Movement of maybe 10lbs prop weight. I would like to do a werewolf mannequin that rotates his torso/arms as one of them (will probably replace my old wooden skeleton with...
  13. Hello from Kansas

    Member Introduction
    Morning All, just thought i would take a minute and introduce my self. My name is Jarod. I am a novice Halloween freak. I have a little more than basic graveyard. I make the effort to give out full size candy and make sure everyone has fun. I want to do more projector projects and a few very...
  14. Campground Haunt, Beginner, Any Ideas?

    General Halloween
    Hi! I'm a beginner at halloween haunts. My family doesn't have enough money or props to actually create a haunted house or a maze of some kind but we're pretty crafty. We normally have a basic setup where theres a straight path from one side of my yard to the other with basic things like tomb...
  15. Need some ideas for props on a budget

    Halloween Props
    I am looking for ideas for props on a budget of less than $100 using PVC. I am planning on buying a heat gun to do my arches better for Christmas. I am plan on using the same arches for Halloween. But I am looking for me ideas with PVC that is easy to do and make with basic tools like a PVC...
  16. Old School Halloween Projectors

    Halloween Props
    With the technology out now, these might seem very dated, but we have the Spooky Shadows projector which spins around, flashing shadows on the walls, and I've always liked this. We've probably had it over 15 years now. Does anyone have this one, or any other varieties? I don't know how many were...
  17. Basic LED Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Attached is a basic LED Tutorial I am making for the local Haunt group. Please feel free to comment, correct or suggest additions. Thanks
  18. Your cheapest/most basic decoration that unexpectedly receives the most attention?

    General Halloween
    What is your cheapest/most basic decoration that unexpectedly receives the most attention/use from your Trick or Treaters/guests? Something that year after year everyone looks forward to? For instance, I have a sound activated Bunjee Jumping Spider of Doom that fascinates kids (and some...
  19. Unsure which to call it... Shape Shifter or Wendigo!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello all! I know it is getting ever so close to Samhain and this IS MY MONTH! Lol. I have started my costume and figure if you can achieve that WTH is that response, then you're doing it right....helping folks use their imaginations! Lol. Here is a brief pic of what I have started on. It is a...
  20. I need some hair help.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Talia's in the Chinese immersion program at school. Which is fine. Today is Chinese new years, and they're doing a big celebration tonight. 2 days ago they told us the girls all had to wear red. Savers saved me there. Today, they are informing us they want all their hair in a bun...