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  1. Halloween Treat Sacks

    General Halloween
    I am jumping on the bandwagon to give out small toys with the full size bars this year. I have already collected mini Play-Doh cans, mini stencils & erasers (will get pencils to go with them) and some Hot Wheels. I wanted to put them into little paper treat sacks - the flat "vintage style" (not...
  2. Mechanical: Linkage for props

    Halloween Props
    Just a suggestion for metal linkage for your props. I know you can use a variety of things like pvc, metal, aluminum, wood or even string. I just bought these 1/4" thick by 3/4" wide aluminum bars. All 12" long. You can input all kind of sizes or lengths on Ebay. I got 10 for $18 free...
  3. Mechanical: Motion simulator

    Halloween Props
    Not sure if it was here or on the old interweb but I once came across a website that simulated motion. You could change stuff around like pulleys and bars and it would show the results. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Full Size Candy Bars?

    General Halloween
    Hi all!! My husband and I have been having this debate. Full size bars or fun size? I usually give out 3 pieces of the fun size stuff.......and who has a clue how much of it I eat. The way I see it based on 3 pieces plus my consumption it would be a wash money wise. What do you give out?
  5. How Much Candy do you give out?

    General Halloween
    I usually give out a big size Goldfish snack bag (from Sam's) to any toddlers 2 and under and for the tots a full size KitKat bar. I can't afford the full size candy this year so I bought Mars chocolate assortment, Skitlles and Rice Krispy Halloween minis. I've never given out the small bars...
  6. Static: Lighting stained glass windows?

    Halloween Props
    I made these 4 windows a couple of years ago and plan to use them again this year in our community haunted house. They will be hanging against a dark wall and I am trying to figure out a way to make them appear like there is light coming from inside the window. Everything I've tried isn't...
  7. Mechanical: Wiper Motor Arm Attachment Help

    Halloween Props
    Does any one have a good way of attaching an arm to a basic wiper motor like you would get on monster guts? I need a longer arm than the ones provided. I've tried attaching metal bars that I have drilled a hole in. Then I will use washers and a nut and hope to get enough compression to hold the...
  8. Hello I just joined. Does anyone here know how to build a high striker?

    Member Introduction
    Hello I just joined today. Every October it becomes really easy to locate my place, I'm sure many people here can relate. :D If you want to see some pictures of what I built in 2017 check out my gallery. Last years theme was Ghostbusters haunted artifacts. People really enjoyed being able...
  9. Static: Box of candy Prank

    Halloween Props
    Made this today for Halloween night. I am going to print off a poster saying something along the lines of "full size candy bars inside for the scaredy-cats" Then they see this when they open the lid.
  10. Self-advertising on ToT candy?

    General Halloween
    Since for the last 3 years or so, I've had less than 50 kids come to my house for ToT (of course I just jinxed myself and will have 700 this year!) so I am planning to give out full sized candy bars to the big kids and have other options for the littles. My question is....does it seem weird...
  11. Other: Gold bars - Pirate treasure

    Halloween Props
    I did a Pirates of the Caribbean theme last year and it was a big hit so I will be adding to it this year.. This thread will be a tutorial on creating some Gold bars for the treasure scene.. I started with a 2x4 that was 8' long. I set my table saw to around 12* mitre and ripped the 2x4 long...
  12. Why You SHould Give Fullsize Candy Bars

    Haunted Humor
  13. Anyone buying candy yet?

    General Halloween
    We've started picking up bags of candy bars already. Thinking we'll go through at least 600 this year with it being on a Saturday. The fun sized bars are running about $2.67 a bag so we're spacing out the purchase so we don't get hammered all at once.
  14. Static: Devil's Cage

    Halloween Props
    Added a new Devils Cage prop for 2014. Used plastic hot water heater drip pans for top an bottom and grey plastic electrical condit for bars. Glued screw fittings on the bars so it can be disassembled for storage. Used some 1x2s to reinforce the top and bottom & allowed for 3 eye bolts for...
  15. Candy control center .. Do you have a system?

    General Halloween
    This is what I do, we have a plastic treasure chest that holds all the candy. It goes on a table between Dh and I .. So we can hand out from both siides. I put zip ties through the back and the candy side is propped openand pointed towards us. Since we hand out full sized...