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  1. Static: Lots of mannequins and body parts! Ideas needed!

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, My freinds clothing shop sadly had to close down but it meant I got a mega bargain from her. She said she could sell me mannequins for £5 each so I said I'd buy 3, well her store closed yesterday and I've ended up with 2 full size male mannequins, 2 female, 2 kids sized as well as...
  2. Sale at Michael's

    General Halloween
    I may be late to the party on this one, but I just saw that Michael's has Christmas stuff at 90% off. I got those cinnamon scented witch's broom looking things for 49 cents. I live in the Phoenix area. They also have 2 ox acrylic paints for 33 cents each. I notice those can go for as much...