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  1. Other: Zombie Dolls from Party City

    Halloween Props
    Party City has three zombie dolls: Bloody Mary, Tammy Terror and Bride Doll. They have blue glowing eyes and say a few lines about themselves, apparently in the third person, like "She's the ghoul of your dreams" as opposed to saying the phrases in first person, like one would expect a doll to...
  2. Other: Ideas of how to haunt a Barbie playhouse?

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I have this Barbie playhouse in its original state. I decorate it with candy and use it as a gingerbread house in my Christmas display. However, the second picture gave me the idea to incorporate it into my Halloween display. Here's where I need help. Does anyone have any idea's how I...
  3. Static: Barbie Doll Creepy Cloth!

    Halloween Props
    Yesterday my youngest daughter (8) made my heart swell with pride. She said, "Hey dad, remember how you said not to throw anything away until you make sure you can't use it for something else?" Remembering the many times I've told my girls and wife this I told her that I did remember, "Why?"...
  4. ISO of HUNDREDS of Barbie dolls

    Wanted to Buy
    ISO of HUNDREDS of Barbie dolls. Yes i plan to hit the thrift shops and goodwill's--but if anyone has a source of cheap nekkid barbie dolls let me know.
  5. Static: They're Coming To Get You Barbie

    Halloween Props
    Can you guess what this is?:D Rob
  6. New Halloween Barbie

    General Halloween
    Not sure if anyone collects Barbie dolls but today Mattel released a really gorgeous new doll called Mistress of the Manor and she is giving a heavy Halloween vibe with those little skeleton keys, her skull candelabra, and book called "Life in the Scream House". I have a big Barbie collection...
  7. Static: What do YOU do with your Barbie's?

    Halloween Props
    So my girls, a.k.a. Bakke's Angels, finally coughed up some Barbie's for Halloween...I hope this to be one of many!
  8. Weeping Angel Tombstone: Tutorial

    This is my version of the weeping angel tombstone that I combined with DaveintheGrave's peeping tombstone. For directions on how to make Dave's Peeping mechanism, please go to the following awesome, terrific, easy-to-follow thread: Project 1 - Instructor Thread You can also make this just a...