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  1. General Halloween
    What do you have in your collection that you've never seen anywhere else? I mean something purchased, because there are so many great handmade items out there which no one else has. I would say I have 2 items: The Halloween Yankee candle with the black band, never burnt. And this cool...
  2. Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased any props by Halloween Haunters? If so, what's the build quality, etc? We have a "scaryoke" band that plays throughout Halloween night and right now have mini-skeletons playing guitar and keyboards, but they're just static props. My friend who helps with our Halloween...
  3. Halloween Music
    Hé you ;) Here's an Halloween video from a french band called NAGAKANAYA - "TROTTOIRS d'HALLOWEEN" :cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuiNnEKlrKw
  4. Halloween Music
    Hi every body ;) Here a song about Halloween called "TROTTOIRS d'HALLOWEEN"
  5. General Halloween
    I love going to concerts (mostly rock/metal concerts). The most recent being Ghost from Sweden. If you haven't heard of them do so! They're amazing! My question is have you been to a concert that has evoked the Halloween spirit? Maybe it was one song or the whole concert experience. I can...
    Just picked up one of the ElectroShock hats this morning and realized unless I'm missing something* that it only operates (lights up and sound) if you depress the little button on the side of the hat. Guess that works fine if you or an actor is wearing it and can press it but not so fine if you...
  7. General Halloween
    Are band saws a good addition to a haunters collection of tools? I saw a nice looking one at a pawn shop with legs for $70 bucks. I have a jig saw, would I get alot of use out of the band saw? I don't have a particular need, I just want to know if it would be practical for a home haunter. Just...
  8. Halloween Props
    My first stone of 2015. with a little nod to The Band Perry. [/URL][/IMG]
  9. Halloween Props
    I just put the finishing touches on my piano player. It's being run by a wiper motor from Monster Guts and a 5V power supply on low speed. He'll be joined by a female skeleton singer with a 3 axis skull by the time the big day arrives (I hope). These are the first members of what I hope will...
  10. Halloween Music
    Some more obscure favorites from my Halloween library. Artist: Skindive Album: Skindive Genre: Electro/Rock Sounds Like: Has been compared to Garbage (the band rather than actual refuse). Heavy guitar and harmonic vocals create a dark and eerie sound with heavier industrial atmosphere. Most...
1-10 of 15 Results