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  1. Talking skeleton in cage

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Talking skeleton , newly refurbished servos, made from a 4th quality bucky. cage is bent steel. made up to look like a pirate. life size. comes with audio cables , speaker, plug and play, just needs an audio source. I will ship but it will take a refrigerator box and freight shipping due to...
  2. Fryght Manor 2018

    General Halloween
    Things are starting to ramp up. As some of you know, I maintain a pumpkin patch in my backyard. This year I am really emphasizing my pumpkin display near my front door. I pretty much have my pumpkins set-up, now I just need to scary it up a little with lights and spiders. My goal is to get this...
  3. The Horror On Harvard ft Lehigh Terror

    General Halloween
    I did my backyard (well 2/3 of my backyard) and our son did a Hellbilly themed maze haunt in the 2 wooded lots next door. It was a lot of work, especially since our son could only come (2 hour drive) for maybe 4 hours at a time with an occasional overnight stay with his Wed/Thurs day off...
  4. 2016 Backyard Haunt Help Thread

    General Halloween
    Hi guys! I've been doing a haunted house in my backyard for 6 years now, but this year I've decided to reach out into this community for some help. I'd like to take my haunt up to a new level this year, so I've come here for the start of my planning. If I have any problems I'll post them here...
  5. Static: Favorite tree-hanging props?

    Halloween Props
    Our new house has about 15 cedar trees in the backyard, and we can't wait to have our 1st annual "Boos & Booze" party in the backyard. I want to see if anyone has any suggestions for fun props that we can hang from the trees. I've come across a few that we're considering, and want to see if...
  6. Backyard Haunt Question

    General Halloween
    Hello friends! After some landscaping projects over the summer, I realized that my original plan for the backyard haunt this year needed to be adjusted. Not a big deal, I am up for the challenge. I believe I have made a nice sketch of what the path will look like, and where the scares will be...
  7. Prop Showcase: The haunt with almost everything

    Halloween Props
    here is the yard with all I will put out prior to Halloween night. I have even started including the backyard