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  1. Halloween Props
    My Menacing Molly from Spirit Halloween needs a new 'neck' gear that swings her head forwards and back (before she leans backwards). I've tried to contact Spirit Halloween several times over the last few months but I never received a reply from their support. I don't want to replace the whole...
  2. Halloween Props
    Found this at a Good Will the other day. What you guys think I should do with it? Make the time go backwards? Anything else?
  3. Halloween Props
    i have searched forums and cannot find info, so sorry if there is but i cannot find it. Anyways I bought a grandfather clock im going to redo and have it go backwards, i have found out how to make it go backwards by simpling taking a regular wall clock and turning around the inside polarity...
  4. Halloween Props
    need one that moves both hands and that moves rapidly backwards. ..any ideas of how to achieve this effect?
1-4 of 4 Results