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  1. Halloween Props
    A little while back I clicked on a thread someone had posted looking for a large (like 3-5 foot) skull mask. While doing a search to help out (think someone else posted about Retro-a-Go-Go in the thread) I ended up at Retro-a-Go-Go's website. Had been on it sometime back for a tiki retro item I...
  2. General Halloween
    well, put out a bunch of stuff tonight ... will post pics later ... a toe pincher coffin made out of old pallets & my version of skelly pallbearers for a small light foam coffin :-) our mailbox was sacrificed to the halloween gods tonight :-0 turned out that, what looks like teenagers were...
  3. Halloween Props
    Has any of you ever used it (foil backed foam board)for making tombstones and such? I need info as I may get a truck load free. ASAP help!!!!please
1-3 of 3 Results