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  1. Wiper Motor Question

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    I think I have read every thread regarding wiper motors but haven't seen one addressing my problem. I'm building an Axworthy Ghost and have purchased a MG Wiper Motor. My question is this: what's the best way to attach the bicycle wheel, pulley, pie plates, (etc), or whatever you may be using...
  2. Prop Showcase: Ghost Hunting: Share your ghost, ghoul, and spirit props!

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    I'd love to see everyone ghost, ghoul, or spirit inspired props and projects! Remember Halloween is Everyday!
  3. Mechanical: Keep burning through my AXWORTHY sewing maching motors...

    Halloween Props
    I have the standard 1AMP motor you find on EBAY. I have to replace them every year. I have about a 200 ft run with three garage door pulleys sitting on bolts...they spin freely and fairly efforrlessly. The motor has a small vBelt to the first pulley and the whole thing is controlled by a AC...
  4. Mechanical: I'm in need of help to get a motor for my Axworthy(sp) Ghost

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    So I have a flying ghost setup. I had it running last year. It was a large triangle with a distance in total of about 225 feet. I went through two sewing machine motors hooked up to a AC fan control switch. Just burnt through two of them. I'm looking for a little something more heavy duty...
  5. Mechanical: Axworthy Ghost: Need Help with Inverted J

    Halloween Props
    I'm in the process of building my first Axworthy Flying Ghost, and I'm looking for some guidance. Ultimately my question is: Does anyone know how to make an inverted J post to be connected to the line and from which the ghost will hang? What can it be made of, and how does it connect to the...
  6. Mechanical: will this work for flying axworthy ghost?

    Halloween Props
    I'm starting to put together my pile of parts for my first attempt at an axworthy ghost. For the motor I've taken the ice cream maker apart. According to the stats it's 1.2 AMPS. It seems to turn at the speed but I want to know is a motor like this strong enough to carry 2 - 3 small ghosts on...
  7. Other: Has anyone ever made a large scale / heavy duty Axworthy system that holds 10+ lbs?

    Halloween Props
    I've been wanting to make an Axworthy Flying Ghost for a while but I wanted to added a twist so it fits into my "Horror Movie Monster" yard haunt. Here's a picture I created to explain my vision. Has anyone made an Axworthy System that holds 10+ lbs or more. I want it to be able to hold the...