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  1. Full Moon has teamed up with TUBI.TV to stream a selection of their catalog for FREE

    Horror Discussion
    The Following films from Full Moons Large collection are streaming for free now on TUBI.TV, all you have to do is register. the following film are available now, enjoy! Beach Babes From Beyond Cannibal Women In the Avocado Jungle Of Death The Disembodied Meridian Specters Unlucky Charms...
  2. Other: Help with Halloween website

    Halloween Props
    I have a Halloween related website and on it I sell 3 axis skulls, both as kits and fully assembled. I won't list the site here because this post is not about that directly. I have been having trouble getting it ranked high enough on Google to be found. Some of my keywords are doing OK, but I...
  3. Our first Halloween Skulls sale is coming soon!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Starting August 23rd and running until September 9th is our Grand Opening/ Get Ready for Halloween sale on our complete fully assembled and tested 3 axis skull. We will be offering a $100.00 discount per skull. No quantity limits. No restrictions. I will post back here with the coupon code to...
  4. Grand Opening of Halloween Skulls

    For Sale By Merchants
    This is the place you want to go to buy the 3 axis skull you've been waiting to get your hands on. I've spent a lot of time developing this, and I'm finally ready to open the store and offer it to the public. Please stop by and look around! and if you don't mind, share the link anywhere you...
  5. Buckaneerbabe's Haunted Graveyard Items for Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    We're re-listing everything because the offer we had to purchase the entire haunt for $10,000 didn't work out. Our preference is to sell the entire haunt, including the computer with the VSA routines and multiplex soundtrack. Of course buying the entire haunt means picking it up. I estimate...
  6. Monster Guts new 3 axis skull elite

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone here bought one of the new 3 axis skull elite's from Monster Guts? Im curious if they are that much better than their standard kits. I built a 3 axis skull out of the standard kit and I was pleased but if the elite kit is that much bettter I'd probably buy one. I wish Monster Guts...
  7. 2015 LIVE Home Haunt Camera(s)

    General Halloween
    Hello Peeps. This year I have implemented something very unique. I installed (2) AXIS IP Network Cameras on my home and made them view-able from my website. The website is www.halloweensnob.com Click on Haunt Cam and scroll down. My intentions are to turn them live when I put the haunt up...
  8. Programming a 3 Axis skull using VSA

    Hello everyone. I have two 3 axis skulls I need to program, and I am pretty clueless. I have VSA. I know mine are all set up and ready to program thanks to some help from local haunters, but I am really intimidated regarding the programming. I know I can use a joystick, but any help you can...
  9. Electronic/Software: 3 Axis Talking Skull on a Cauldron Creep

    Halloween Props
    I just posted an instructable on a prop I've been working on since last November.. It's a 3 axis talking skull (self made PCB scary terry audio circuit) mounted on a cauldron creep. Looking for suggestions on what other information I could/should add to the write up. Right now it focus's mainly...
  10. Mechanical: 3 Axis Skull Kits?

    Halloween Props
    I was looking into ordering a 3 axis skull kit from Triaxal Skull Labs, but their store is closed. Are there any other 3 axis skull kits out there? All the results I've been able to find on here/google have been dead links.
  11. Axis ptz network camera for extreme surveillance

    General Halloween
    Does anyone currently own an AXIS NETWORK CAMERA? I am seriously considering the AXIS Q6035-E ptz dome network camera for my home. I know, it is extremely expensive but I justify it as it's primary use being a deterrent and security device for my home, property, and family as well as a...
  12. Security Camera for Haunt

    General Halloween
    So I am in the market for an outdoor, dome, PTZ network camera. AXIS is a high end camera manufacturer and I have been looking seriously at their Q6032. There are outrageously expensive but to me they serve a dual purpose. They act as a deterrent for general security for my home, property...
  13. Mechanical: 3 Axis Skull - tapping question

    Halloween Props
    So, I FINALLY found a place to buy cheap 1/4" acrylic (which I don't know the difference between it and lexan, but I'm assuming they're relatively similar) for the plate for my 3 axis skull! My question is about tapping for the screws. Is it completely necessary to tap for the screws that will...