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  1. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello there, Been a member for awhile but haven't really been participating beyond looking around. I do enjoy Halloween and always decorate. So hi all. Memnet
  2. Hello from Alberta, Canada!

    Member Introduction
    Been lurking here for awhile and decided to sign up so I could maybe post some of my stuff for Halloween. Been doing yearly haunts now with about half a dozen animatronics. I never seem to leave myself enough time to do the custom builds but it all works out in the end and the kids love it. Will...
  3. Other: Spark Fence Ideas = Help

    Halloween Props
    We've been doing a spark fence in our Haunt for awhile now. We have someone behind the fence with a chain saw or ax. Looking to change it up this year. Any ideas would be appreciated . Thanks.
  4. Pneumatic: Chucky in a Box pneumatic prop

    Halloween Props
    Bringing out my Chucky in a box for this Halloween, he has been in storage for awhile, it's a pneumatic prop I made a few years back. Let me know what you think.
  5. Anyone in Louisville Ky.?

    General Halloween
    Looking for people in my area to build props with and all this Halloween. I have been away for awhile and I'm ready to build and decorate again.
  6. New member? Not exactly.

    Site Issues and Feedback
    So here is my question, have I disappeared? I just attempted to post a large lot of Halloween stuff for sale in the classifieds and after I finished and tried to submit it, I was informed that I have to have 3 posts and have never posted. Uh, so I've been a member since 2007 and I absolutely...
  7. Hi

    Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm not really a new member, but I haven't been on in awhile. Am glad to be back, to discuss all things Halloween
  8. hey All..its me again,been awhile...

    Member Introduction
    yes its been awhile but i truly need some help..i have 3 props that need some "help" or tune ups,,,i live near Frisco Texas..75068 to be exact..does anyone know if anyone or any place fixes these..thanks for any help...btw itsgreat to be back.....
  9. I had never seen anyone like this

    General Halloween
    the other night a local man brought a woman here for the house tour,she had been here 20 years ago. EVERY TIME she laughed (which was often) her head would be thrown back as if she was looking at the ceiling and she had this loud, huge LAUGH! (that went on for quite awhile!?) Mouth open wide...
  10. Hi Everyone,

    Member Introduction
    I've been lurking around for awhile and decided to join.:D
  11. Papercraft hand candle holders

    Halloween Crafts
    Starting to decorate the inside..it's going to take me awhile..lol