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  1. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm curious about what mask you have always wanted and never been able to find, or even a mask you've found and wished it were better. I'd like to see some really awesome, deatail oriented masks of Universal's classic monsters. :)
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    If anyone gets a chance to visit the new Haunted Mansion store at Disneyworld I highly recommend getting one of the awesome new portraits they are soo cool and a must have for any fan of The Haunted Mansion!
  3. Halloween Music
    Hey everyone! For my Houdini themed haunt this year, I thought it'd be cool to have some of the music from the period playing as part of the soundtrack. Would anyone be up for recording something like that for me? I can't play piano, so that option's out, otherwise, I'd do it myself.... If...
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone:) Found this awesome forum through a Halloween search on Google and as a huge lover of Halloween I had to join. I can't say enough how much I love love love love Halloween. Such a awesome holiday and love the whole spirit of the season. I have so many fond childhood memories of...
  5. General Halloween
    Another year. Lots of different changes this year. Health was so-so plus TOTs have gotten a little too much to handle. Kept hitting our haunters; so they (haunters) did not have same enthusiasm as other years. Decorated the front part of the house only. Did a manor type theme this year...
  6. Halloween Props
    Dave just posted this and I think it is awesome. I will be doing this next year! Made from foam board!
  7. Member Introduction
    Hi, My name is Alex. Just joined the site, looks awesome! Thanks!
  8. Halloween Music
    From the guys at The Key of Awesome.
  9. Halloween Props
    I NEED this! !!!! https://ca.screen.yahoo.com/editor-s-picks/chair-screamer-most-terrifying-halloween-164217808.html
  10. General Halloween
    Went to this haunted house last Friday, my daughter won tickets. I hardly ever go to haunted houses during this time being that I'm always doing something in my own haunt display but this was the best I've been to. It has actual historical background and I doubt any other haunted house can...
  11. General Halloween
    You know you have awesome coworker when they give you this for bday I walk into my desk today and find this totally made my birthday morning whoot
  12. Member Introduction
    My name is Nicole. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday so I got really excited when I saw this site haha! There are so many cool ideas on here. Its nice to see so many people into this awesome holiday. Thanks!!!
  13. General Halloween
    Ok people, all of these threads about being frustrated or down are great to vent but let's see what is going right this Halloween? ;) While my timeline isn't exactly what I want it to be, I am still working on some awesome props that will be done in time for Oct 31 as long as I limit my TV time...
  14. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Our lowest prices of the season! Almost all of our masks are already priced below our competitors - with the additional savings from this sale, we're offering some killer deals on all of these awesome masks. Check 'em out! http://www.frightprops.com/masks.html Thanks, everyone! And don't...
  15. Halloween Props
    Wow! I just saw this video of an awesome Halloween prop & wanted to share because I know some of you talented people will be inspired by it. I have no affiliation with the company at all - I just think this Chair Screamer is fantastic!! :D She's definitely out of my budget, but I know The...
  16. Halloween Props
    Just corpsed up my first skeleton and I am kind of at a loss for painting/staining it. I often see references to "dry brushing". Can anyone tell me what that is or how it is done? I have seen some really awesome corpse jobs here over the years. What colors or techniques have worked best for...
  17. General Halloween
    So are there any? Looking to meet some awesome fall folk
  18. General Halloween
    Right now they say not currently available. I didn't know about them before and they awesome ! I'm really hoping they will come back in stock. The blood dripping, the edison, and the orange and black flame tips. Or doesn't anyone somewhere else I could find them ? Thanks =)
61-78 of 88 Results