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  1. Halloween Props
    So I'm about $100 into a prop build for my carnival theme. And it's going to take quite a bit more time and money and tinkering to make it work, and I'm not an expert in mechanical props, so I was looking at a very frustrating bunch of days ahead. The problem is that I just thought of...
  2. Member Introduction
    First off amazing you've been around for so long congrats! This time of the year is so great I love pumpkin pies and seeing the fall leaves but most of all Halloween the only time I come out of hiding. ;) btw Awesome this Halloween radio
  3. Halloween Props
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vimqAJsra5M wondering its worth the money it looks awesome in the video thanks
  4. Halloween Props
    I would love to see what you guys have for your entrance to your yard haunt. Looking for some awesome inspiration. Everyone is always super amazing on here. Share any pics you might have.
  5. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Anyone here going ? Guest list is awesome
  6. Member Introduction
    I have been a big lover of Halloween for ever,now it is becoming popular here down under so happy I have found a awesome place here so g'day to one and all
  7. General Halloween
    The thread about the Monster Cereals reminded me of probably my favorite all time Halloween Commercial. It was back from the 90's and I loved this mascot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg2j6EifRWo Btw if anyone can teach me the way to make the link more simplified that would be awesome. Ya...
  8. For Sale By Merchants
    has some awesome DotD and vintage-inspired items listed today. I think it's worth a look. :)
  9. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hopefully this ok to post here if not thats totally ok I understand! Here it is folks!!! My 3000 subscriber giveaway!!! I lined up a few cool things to giveaway and the awesome folks at Fog It Up​ have been generous enough to donate a gallon of fog juice as well as a scent for it!!! How...
  10. General Halloween
    There is an AWESOME store in Oregon City, Oregon called "The Ghoul Gallery" that has literally thousands of unique, hard to find one of a kind and retired Department 56 items. There is also a website in which you can order from. I was unable to post the link, but Google Ghoul Gallery in Oregon...
  11. Halloween Music
    This is awesome!
  12. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone. I just found this site. I am a longtime lover of Halloween. Have been since I was a kid. I have always been big on decorating. As I have gotten older, I have become dissatisfied with commercial props and decor. I am looking to do more diy props. It's tough on a budget and little...
  13. General Halloween
    I was in Michael's yesterday and they never disappoint in having items useful for a haunt. Lots of different cloches, all 50 or 60 percent off. These awesome resin chalkboard signs: Bottles in Summer colors:
  14. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm curious about what mask you have always wanted and never been able to find, or even a mask you've found and wished it were better. I'd like to see some really awesome, deatail oriented masks of Universal's classic monsters. :)
  15. For Sale By Merchants
    If anyone gets a chance to visit the new Haunted Mansion store at Disneyworld I highly recommend getting one of the awesome new portraits they are soo cool and a must have for any fan of The Haunted Mansion!
  16. Halloween Music
    Hey everyone! For my Houdini themed haunt this year, I thought it'd be cool to have some of the music from the period playing as part of the soundtrack. Would anyone be up for recording something like that for me? I can't play piano, so that option's out, otherwise, I'd do it myself.... If...
  17. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone:) Found this awesome forum through a Halloween search on Google and as a huge lover of Halloween I had to join. I can't say enough how much I love love love love Halloween. Such a awesome holiday and love the whole spirit of the season. I have so many fond childhood memories of...
  18. General Halloween
    Another year. Lots of different changes this year. Health was so-so plus TOTs have gotten a little too much to handle. Kept hitting our haunters; so they (haunters) did not have same enthusiasm as other years. Decorated the front part of the house only. Did a manor type theme this year...
  19. Halloween Props
    Dave just posted this and I think it is awesome. I will be doing this next year! Made from foam board!
  20. Member Introduction
    Hi, My name is Alex. Just joined the site, looks awesome! Thanks!