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  1. General Halloween
    Havent posted much lately as my party is this saturday! starting to feel the pressure especially because I wasn't happy the way my first attempt at Jambalaya turned out. Here are some picts of the set up. I shamelessly copied papa voodoo from the members here ( of course mine is not as...
  2. General Halloween
    I thought this was really cool and an awesome thing to do.
  3. Halloween Props
    Does anyone have any experience utilizing the hologram effect? I plan on adding this to my haunt and was curious if anyone had photos/videos on how they did it. Seems like a rather cheap way to add another feel to my props. Any tips would be awesome too. Thanks.
  4. Haunted Humor
    I love this one...
  5. General Halloween
    That is Mask Addicts Anonymous. For years dating back to when my kids were young I made costumes for Halloween including some masks etc , etc. After getting involved in the barn haunt last year ,with all the construction work that entailed and many scenes to populate, making everything was out...
  6. Member Introduction
    Hello. I'm new to the forums. I found this place when I was searching for some information for several Halloween decorating ideas. It is awesome! We love Halloween at our house and love decorating. Debbie
  7. Member Introduction
    Yay what an awesome site! I wish I had known about this site years ago! I'd like to thank you all ahead of time for all the inspiration! I look forward to being a member and getting to know y'all :D.
  8. Merchant Reviews
    My favorite on line vendor who always had an awesome selection, great prices, cool contests and promotions and awesome customer service. I've followed their webiste and their facebook page and something is up this year. First is the notable lack of new merchandise that they always offer. Seems a...
  9. Halloween Music
    I had no idea this even existed. Now I know we have some hardcore sound effect collectors out there so I'm hoping somebody has this and wants to review it or remembers it from their childhood. This would be awesome to have on cd! Matthew
  10. Halloween Props
    I found this on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-2016-SCREAM-BOX-PRO-Halloween-props-sensor-sound-pneumatic-animated-scary-/162180698305?hash=item25c2b910c1:g:3aoAAOSwIgNXvZS6 and bought a couple to try it out. It is really awesome! It is surprisingly loud with two volume settings, simple to...
  11. Forum News and Rules
    Hi everybody! This is Larry. I launched HalloweenForum.com in 2002. Some of you may be aware; my health has limited the time that I can spend on working on the forum. I am very excited to announce that the forum has been acquired by an awesome company called VerticalScope. They are...
  12. General Halloween
    Due to this town being a college town I am not seeing anything you guys are posting about here :( I am very sad because a lot of it looks so freaking amazing! Does anyone else live in a huge highschool/ college town and like me have to wait till most likely October to get anything Halloween? We...
  13. Links
  14. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6spXW8SSNEM These look awesome!
  15. Member Introduction
    I've spent many years loving Halloween. Not a lot of people think about it in July, so here I am looking for some others who love it just as much as I do. Hopefully I can get some awesome decorating and costume ideas. And hopefully find some awesome and spooky people. :D
  16. General Halloween
    Mine is, the same one as the year before and the year before that, and so on...is to take pictures and video of my Haunt and to post some to this awesome forum.
21-36 of 88 Results