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  1. Halloween Props
    Custom Trike for Attraction Line Entertainment Estimated ETA: June Current: awaiting axle 36' Axle w/ 20" Tires -Delivered 20" Tires -Possible front end Electric Tire Bench Seat Battery Air Reservoir w/quick connect -sneak up scares would be difficult...
  2. Member Introduction
    Wow, a whole community of folks who love Hallows Eve just like me. Super cool. Thought I was a loner til I happened upon the forum. So hi everyone! Eagerly awaiting the big night here in New England. Air is cool, leaves are turning, pumpkins abound. Tis the season :D
  3. Merchant Reviews
    Does anyone know if this company is still in business??? I made an order almost a week and a half ago and havent heard a thing. My order status shows still awaiting fulfillment. I sent them a message, Ive tried calling... and the phone rings and then does a fast busy signal. Little worried here...
1-3 of 3 Results